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Growth for the future

Growth for the future

The agritech market is becoming more technology-orientated each year to accommodate the ever-growing demand for food production. This is more important than ever, due to climate change and geopolitical factors such as drought and labour shortages. Growers face the challenge of improving yields through greater efficiency and reduced loss by adopting novel technologies. 

TTP helps clients tackle the hardest problems faced during technology development. We offer a combination of the brightest minds in science and engineering, cutting-edge technical facilities and an exemplary track record in developing novel solutions for corporates and deep tech start-ups alike.  



Reducing cost through intelligent sensor design

TTP has a long history of complex sensor design and integration, from award-winning gas sensors through to implantable bovine devices. We explore the bounds of possibility through modelling and experimentation, deriving commercial benefit for our clients by identifying engineering and system design wins that improve efficiency, cost and performance. 

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Improving performance of autonomous systems

Developing a high-performance autonomous system requires in-depth knowledge of the full autonomy stack. TTP have been developing autonomous technologies for the automotive market for several years, building a deep understanding of autonomous systems from the ground up. When combined with our expertise in medical robotics, end-effector design and machine learning, we can offer complete solutions to your autonomous technology challenges. 

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Increasing the speed and efficiency of packaging and processing

Effective, high-speed processing requires expertise in machine vision algorithms, complex mechanical design, and optical system development. TTP have been developing machine vision-based systems for our clients, building on decades of experience in complex optical design and image processing algorithms.  

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