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Cell and gene therapies

Enabling the next generation

Our solutions in cell and gene therapy

TTP can support you from a blank sheet of paper onwards, developing cell therapy automation, manufacturing and process analytics solutions along with disruptive technologies to enable and transform workflows. 

our solutions

Strategy and planning

Navigating change, identifying business opportunities, balancing risk, timeline and cost from opportunity to launch

Technology development

First-principles research, inventing enabling solutions and protecting Intellectual Property

Software integration

GAMP 5 compliant software that connects your solution to MES/EBR systems

Analytics, measurement and QC solutions

Combining expertise in sensing, molecular and cell biology, microfluidics, electronics, optics and AI

Automation and instrumentation development

Flexible, highly-skilled and bespoke multi-disciplinary teams developing your solution, including biology to hardware integration, biology development and optimisation

Prototyping and early stage manufacture

Manufacture of up to 100s of instruments and 1000s of cartridges

Regulated development

Design of 13485 or GAMP 5 compliant systems, suitable for GMP manufacture. 


Human factors assessment, design for usability, use error analysis

Late stage troubleshooting

Rapid and scientific approach enables an informed, risk-based response

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