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The convergence and acceleration of communication, sensing, data storage and processing technology presents an unprecedented opportunity for consumer brands and startups alike: the ability to personalise even the most mass marketed products and connect with their users. It is the strength of this connection which will allow the best operators to continue to improve their products and services, and to gain enduring loyalty from customers. And while it's easy to throw technology at problems, the best product designs must integrate it in a way which permits highly cost-efficient mass manufacture and distribution.

Food and beverage brands are seeking cost-effective ways to add functionality to packaging, enabling them to target a proliferation of geographic, socio-economic and age-based consumer niches. They must do this whilst maximising recyclability and without sacrificing profit margins. This in turn requires innovation in manufacturing and distribution processes.


In the booming and increasingly intersecting worlds of personal care and consumer health, consumer devices play a key role. The opportunity to connect devices digitally permits brands and users to maximise product effectiveness and promote healthier living while strengthening the bond between the brand owner and its customers. None of this is possible unless the product in question is a delight to use: new functionality must be coupled with effortless usability.

TTP applies a fully-integrated approach to the design and realisation of consumer products, packaging and manufacturing processes. We offer our customers technological leadership, engineering experience and a collaborative approach to uncovering customer needs and insight.

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Health and Wearable Technology

Consumer health is a fast-growing sector where technology plays an increasingly important role in empowering consumers to support their own physical and emotional wellbeing.


Haptics and visualisation have changed the way we engage with information, offering richer experiences and improving our ability to execute challenging tasks.

Food and Beverage

For food and beverage companies, innovation is the process of driving product development to meet ever-changing consumer needs. Disruption can come from sourcing new, more sustainable and healthy ingredients; from focussing on environmentally friendly packaging, product delivery and cold chain efficiency; and from innovating distribution models and how products are marketed and sold.

Personal Care

Greater social mobility, consumer diversity and higher levels of disposable income have prompted innovation opportunities across the personal care industry. The key trends favour more sustainable and organic source materials and mass customisation, offering consumers a choice based on their lifestyle, demographic and aspirations.


The Internet of Things is invisibly changing the way we interact with products and services by restructuring legacy business models and replacing them with new ones.

5G Communications

Since their introduction in the early 1990s, digital mobile services have changed beyond recognition. With the development of 5G services, that transformation is only set to continue.

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