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Screen 40 people at once for the equivalent cost of one individual test. Results in 30 mins by anyone, anywhere.

Health Security by better-pooled screening

Why CoTest?

TTP is designing a brand-new pooled screening technology that can be used by anyone, anywhere, to screen up to 40 people at once with results in 30 minutes. Each pooled screening is carried out for the equivalent cost of one individual test and provides the same degree of accuracy. 

With the technology and design in development, we are seeking investment to develop the instrument so that it can be rolled out to schools, businesses and other organisations in early 2021.

Group Large Oct19

Proactive Health Security

Protect the population by screening the well enabling the isolation of positive cases immediately helping to stop the spread.

Cotest Airport

Mass screening delivered where infection risk is greatest

Systems at schools, care homes, workplaces, anywhere.

100% daily testing.

Cotest Sample

10x more efficient infrastructure use

Effective prioritisation of central labs.

Sample Test

RNA extraction and Covid19 LAMP assay from saliva

We are developing the procedure allowing for full sample use – no diluting.

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Be part of the solution.

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