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Sustainable energy technology development

Hydrogen is essential for the net zero world, displacing hydrocarbons as a source of power and chemical precursor. The challenge now is to accelerate the development and deployment of hydrogen energy technologies that will be cost-competitive and scalable. 

TTP offers a combination of the brightest minds in science and engineering, cutting-edge technical facilities and an exemplary track record in developing novel solutions for corporates and deep tech start-ups alike. 

What TTP offer our clients

Providing insight and improvements on fundamental processes

Mainstreaming the cleaner generation of hydrogen and its conversion back to electricity provides vast potential to optimise chemical reactions and catalytic coatings as well as manage reagents and heat. We explore the bounds of possibility through modelling and experimentation, deriving commercial benefit for our clients by identifying engineering and system design changes that will improve efficiency, cost and performance. 

Accelerating TRL progression

Our multidisciplinary teams of experts move ground breaking ideas from lab to demonstrator, faster and cheaper.

We prototype, test, iterate and improve, always with a focus on commercially viable and attractive deployment.

Designing systems for commercial deployment

To make an impact, you need to reach commercial scale. We work with our clients and our network of manufacturing partners to scale up, design for scale out, to drive down costs, achieve certifications, and to improve lifetime and reliability. 

Working with TTP

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Limitless green hydrogen at the frontier of new electrolyser partnership

Green Hydrogen start-up PlusZero has today (11 May 2022) commenced Step Change - a project with TTP to develop a highly efficient electrolyser, with the aim of producing limitless Green Hydrogen.

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Low-carbon hydrogen: the shift from centralised to distributed production and consumption is underway

The vision for how low-carbon hydrogen will be adopted is shifting. Could the revolution happen faster one vehicle or one boiler at a time? And if so, Who will pay for it?

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How to solve two very different business challenges with one sensor technology

Catalysing a solution to challenges in the custody of nuclear waste and delivery of oxygen therapy with a single underlying platform technology.

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