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Using a multidisciplinary approach to deliver products and systems with strong commercial value to a sector that touches every aspect of human life


Industrial technology impacts every aspect of human life. It is a diverse field of science, engineering and innovation, encompassing a broad spread of industries. They range from organisations at the forefront of tackling climate change to those developing leading safety and personal protection equipment; from additive manufacturing and semiconductor microfabrication to technologies in the fields of gas and oil exploration; from industrial robotics to equipment safe for use in explosive atmospheres; from defence radar to electricity distribution.


Significant change presents the industrial sector with challenges and opportunities.

The continuing pace of globalisation puts increased demands on productivity and supply chains. Rapid technological advances create new opportunities for business models. The scarcity of natural resources generates the need for further exploration. Meanwhile, increasing regulation impacts the development of products.

Technology is creating a host of sensing and control applications for the industrial sector, driving rapid disruption in traditional product and service companies as well as opportunities for innovative business models. The Internet of Things revolution presents many opportunities, but each system has unique challenges. Process control technology will enable new feedstocks, increasing QA demands and the need for sustainability while simultaneously reducing energy consumption, emissions and waste. 

The combining of material science with new production technologies, such as 3D printing, is creating exciting and new opportunities for start-ups and established companies alike. Advances here will revolutionise how products are conceived, optimised and produced, changing the nature of supply chains as we know them.

TTP delivers state-of-the-art solutions for industrial companies, helping clients address the challenges and opportunities of rapid technological change. Our world-class teams bring together expertise from across engineering and science disciplines. We work collaboratively with our clients to help them identify opportunities, create new technologies and deliver engineered products and systems that create strong commercial value.

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With UK armed forces and emergency services facing ever-evolving threats, the defence and security industry must innovate to provide enhanced capabilities to those facing hostile environments in Britain and beyond.

Advanced Manufacturing

From aerospace and automotive to semiconductors and material process, manufacturing technologies are essential to every major industrial sector. Production techniques must be advanced in each of these sectors to enable higher-performance materials, reduce waste and increase flexibility.


Inkjet technology has moved on from its messy, low-resolution roots. The newest printheads are replacing analogue technology in the decoration of everything from textiles to beverage cans; functional fluids such as paints and adhesives are being deposited digitally; and metal and plastic parts are being printed by manufacturers.


The global demand for energy is unprecedented, with annual investments exceeding $1 trillion. Beyond growth, the industry is also experiencing rapid change: for the first time ever, investments in electricity infrastructure recently exceeded those in oil and gas.

Industrial Products

In the face of modest production volumes, long product life cycles, lean development resource and evolving regulation, industrial product manufacturers must continue to find new ways of delivering innovative products and services.


The Internet of Things is invisibly changing the way we interact with products and services by restructuring legacy business models and replacing them with new ones.


When the market and regulatory environments of process industries evolve, it demands sophisticated production capabilities, seamless integration and efficient, continuous and more flexible unit operations.

Industrial Safety

There is a demand for increased worker safety and decreased operational costs across the industrial sector. Industrial safety manufacturers must respond to these needs while creating products that are fit to withstand harsh conditions with minimal maintenance for decades.


With over 20 years of microfabrication experience, TTP’s world-class µ-fab facility provides unique silicon, glass and polymer R&D and production solutions to various industrial sectors.


The aerospace sector has the opportunity to reap sizeable commercial benefits by leveraging innovative technology solutions to deliver advanced platforms and services to passengers and operators that enhance safety, reliability and comfort.

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