Antennas are vital parts of wireless systems, and they can be the key to business success in many industries.

Antennas Update

In a highly connected world, wireless systems give users flexibility and increasingly rely on smart antennas at both ends of diverse wireless links. True, the lower limits of antenna size will always be set by the laws of physics, and Moore’s Law has yet to affect this vital part of wireless solutions. Nevertheless, advances in materials, silicon technology and software are all creating opportunities for more efficient and higher data capacity antenna solutions.

Much is being asked of antennas. Emerging wireless systems present a new set of requirements such as operation over multiple frequency bands, MIMO and electronic steering. Antennas not only play a critical role in defining the distance bridged by a wireless link, they also affect its reliability, aesthetics and power efficiency - as well as the cost of the communication devices that use it. And while smart antennas are already less costly and easier to use, the industry wants them to get smarter, and quickly.

L-band steered antenna

Our rapid design cycles are supported by EM simulation, electronics, mechanical design and antenna performance tests in our in-house anechoic chamber, providing clients with custom antenna solutions tailored for a target product/platform that delivers optimal performance. 

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The Internet of Things is invisibly changing the way we interact with products and services by restructuring legacy business models and replacing them with new ones.

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