Connected Aircraft

The emerging boom in satellite based in-flight connectivity is set to transform the aviation industry by improving the passenger experience as well as airline revenues and operations.

Phone On A Plane

Our world is increasingly connected, but for regulatory and technical reasons the aviation industry has lagged behind. Airline passengers now expect a seamless transition in connectivity from airport to aircraft, and demand for in-flight broadband is higher than ever before.

Early ambitions for connected aircraft are fast becoming a reality. As well as meeting passenger need through revenue- generating on-board Wi-Fi, in-flight satellite connectivity offers the benefits of increased safety and security and improved operational efficiency.

Connected aircraft are essential to securing the future expansion of air travel while meeting vital safety requirements and minimising environmental impact. This connectivity is set to transform the entire aviation industry, with the small aircraft and business jet market poised to exploit the opportunities offered by compact versions of the satcoms systems enjoyed on commercial aircraft.

From enabling early in-flight solutions that allow mobile phones to be used safely on aircraft to creating on-board Wi-Fi solutions, TTP works with clients to address the technology gaps and keep people connected in the air.

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