Printing and Coating Systems

Printing and coating systems are used by many industries to achieve application-specific functionality. TTP combines modelling and engineering expertise to understand, design and manufacture functional surfaces.

Printing Touchspray

Whether it is to achieve greater flexibility and material transfer efficiency in manufacturing, or to realise new business models driven by mass customisation, material deposition is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of industries.

Applications range from large-scale aircraft and automotive painting solutions to the direct decoration of food and beverage containers, and from the controlled deposition of tissue cells for biomedical engineering to printing micron-scaled sensors used in the latest mobile phones. 

At the same time, many printing and coating techniques are evolving from analogue processes to digital controlled systems, and materials companies are formulating new chemistries to allow for digital process application. 

However, even the most advanced traditional inkjet solutions have their constraints. The next wave of inkjet and droplet deposition technologies for the industrial manufacturing sector will need to be able to cope with a wider range of materials that are often too viscous or dense, making them virtually impossible to process with first-generation printheads.  

What we do

TTP has a long history in inkjet technology development. Our expertise includes computational fluid dynamics (CFD), device fabrication and engineering, characterisation and industrialisation. We exploit the physics of fluids and droplet generation to solve challenges in material deposition, developing devices for applications in paint delivery, adhesive deposition as well as powder production. 

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With UK armed forces and emergency services facing ever-evolving threats, the defence and security industry must innovate to provide enhanced capabilities to those facing hostile environments in Britain and beyond.

Advanced Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing demands the increasingly sophisticated integration of innovative technologies in both products and processes. From 3D printing of chemical and biological materials to harnessing micro-scale manufacturing techniques, we offer clients extensive experience across the manufacturing arena, revolutionising how products are conceived, optimised and produced.

Energy Transformation

From soaring energy demand in emerging markets to the rapid deployment of alternative energy resources, most industry sectors are investing in a low-carbon future. From fundamental science to industrial-scale implementation, we create and optimise systems and devices that harness, distribute and store energy.

Industrial Products

Operating at the intersection of science, engineering and business, we identify market-led opportunities, create new technologies and deliver industrial products that provide strong commercial value. We take a partnership approach from concept creation through to transfer to manufacture, using our deep understanding of science and technology to invent and design products, and our state-of-the-art facilities to prototype and validate them.


The Internet of Things is invisibly changing the way we interact with products and services by restructuring legacy business models and replacing them with new ones.


From new process concepts to advanced analytical technology, we support clients in the development of sustainable processes.

Industrial Safety

Industrial sector companies are pressed to improve worker safety and reduce operational costs. Industrial safety equipment manufacturers must respond by creating products that are fit to withstand harsh conditions with minimal maintenance for decades. We work with clients to develop products and devices that meet the latest safety standards and protect people and assets.


With over 20 years of microfabrication experience, TTP’s world-class µ-fab facility provides unique silicon, glass and polymer R&D and production solutions to various industrial sectors.


The aerospace sector has the opportunity to reap sizeable commercial benefits by leveraging innovative technology solutions to deliver advanced platforms and services to passengers and operators that enhance safety, reliability and comfort.

Autonomous Driving

The automotive industry is changing faster than ever before. As the responsibility for control of vehicles passes from humans to machines, so greater responsibility for safety passes from drivers to manufacturers. Elegant technology solutions are required to deliver safe and reliable systems at automotive cost points.


We work at the forefront of all the core technologies needed to develop enhanced robotics and automation systems for industrial and consumer applications, delivering the solutions that precisely fit our clients’ business opportunities.

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