We work at the forefront of all the core technologies needed to develop enhanced robotics and automation systems for industrial and consumer applications, delivering the solutions that precisely fit our clients’ business opportunities.


From robotic assistants to intelligent logistics automation to machinery capable of independent operation in environments that would imperil human operators, robotics is transforming society.  

Enabled by core technologies that are rapidly becoming more powerful, robotics and automation are reducing industry’s dependency on the availability of a manufacturing workforce, are eliminating the need to expose human operators to dangerous environments and will allow us to assign increasingly complex tasks and services to robots. This will transform industrial production and society more broadly, and for the better. 

To realise this vision to capture particular business opportunities, we need to solve technical development challenges involving a set of fast-moving core technologies, in mechatronics, sensors and haptics, machine intelligence, vision and object recognition, and cloud and communications. Depending on the application, these technologies allow us to create robots with greater perception and cognition, which in turn brings greater productivity or enables new business models. 

In many industries, future robots and automation solutions will have greater perception, based on greater sensing ability and sensory data processing, allowing them to better recognise objects, detect obstacles, understand boundaries, develop situational awareness, check for task completeness or identify conditions that make task completion unsafe. 

For example, manufacturing robots with greater tactile intelligence as well as better end effectors and dexterity can improve performance and take on tasks previously beyond the scope of automation.  

Mobile robots and heavy machinery can become more aware of their environment, and other robots, and thus capable of more autonomous operation, or robot-robot collaboration, to enable new business models. 

All of this requires data processing, and there is a balance to be struck between low-latency processing aboard the equipment, for example for safety critical decisions, and off-loading data processing to the cloud, for example for maintenance prediction and interfacing with other digitalised enterprise workflows. 

But whatever the business drivers in an industry, robotic solutions need to be achieved without compromising the safety of co-workers or the cost of ownership. 

What we do

TTP solves technical challenges and develops custom robotic and automation solutions to precisely fit the business opportunity. We are experts in all the core enabling technologies and offer unrivalled technical insight and capability, ranging from modelling and simulation to prototyping and testing of robotic systems and enhanced automation solutions in our world-class facilities. 

Explore More industries

Advanced Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing demands the increasingly sophisticated integration of innovative technologies in both products and processes. From 3D printing of chemical and biological materials to harnessing micro-scale manufacturing techniques, we offer clients extensive experience across the manufacturing arena, revolutionising how products are conceived, optimised and produced.


From soaring energy demand in emerging markets to the rapid deployment of alternative energy resources, most industry sectors are investing in a low-carbon future. From fundamental science to industrial-scale implementation, we create and optimise systems and devices that harness, distribute and store energy.

Industrial Products

Operating at the intersection of science, engineering and business, we identify market-led opportunities, create new technologies and deliver industrial products that provide strong commercial value. We take a partnership approach from concept creation through to transfer to manufacture, using our deep understanding of science and technology to invent and design products, and our state-of-the-art facilities to prototype and validate them.


The Internet of Things is invisibly changing the way we interact with products and services by restructuring legacy business models and replacing them with new ones.


From new process concepts to advanced analytical technology, we support clients in the development of sustainable processes.

Industrial Safety

Industrial sector companies are pressed to improve worker safety and reduce operational costs. Industrial safety equipment manufacturers must respond by creating products that are fit to withstand harsh conditions with minimal maintenance for decades. We work with clients to develop products and devices that meet the latest safety standards and protect people and assets.


With over 30 years of microfabrication experience, TTP’s world-class µ-fab facility provides unique silicon, glass and polymer R&D and production solutions to various industrial sectors.

Autonomous Driving

The automotive industry is changing faster than ever before. As the responsibility for control of vehicles passes from humans to machines, so greater responsibility for safety passes from drivers to manufacturers. Elegant technology solutions are required to deliver safe and reliable systems at automotive cost points.

Advanced Material Deposition

Printing and coating systems are used by many industries to achieve application-specific functionality. TTP combines modelling and engineering expertise to understand, design and manufacture functional surfaces.

5G Communications

Since their introduction in the early 1990s, digital mobile services have changed beyond recognition. With the development of 5G services, that transformation is only set to continue.

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