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Hardware meets neuroscience

TTP offer deep science and engineering expertise to support the design of innovate neurotechnology devices at every stage of their development, from initial proof-of-concept through to design for manufacture and production scale-up.


IPG development

Developing custom electronics, caseworks, feedthroughs and seals to create application-specific implantable devices in the smallest form factor.

Low power electronics

Designing tightly integrated electronics to optimise power efficiency for maximum device life.

Wireless power & communications

Producing tailored power and data transfer links, and integrating standard protocols such as BLE to enable greater user engagement.

Closed-loop stimulation

Incorporating real-time sensing and feature recognition algorithms to enable automated stimulation activation and titration.

Understanding through simulation

Starting from a first-principles understanding of a challenge to quickly optimise solutions, and de-risk early in the development process.

Human factors

Ensuring that the device that is developed is intuitive to use, and fit for purpose for the users, clinicians, and surgeons that install it.

Manufacturing scale-up

Considering manufacturability from the start of development, making the transition from first proof-of-concept to controlled GMP device manufacture a smooth process.

Cost reduction

Engineering solutions to meet tight cost requirements, improve margins, grow market share, or allow access to new markets with more affordable products.

Digital health

Applying data analytics to generate patient and treatment insights, enabling personalised therapies that maximise treatment efficacy for patients. 

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