AESIN Conference 2022

Calendar01 Sep 2022
Presentation and Exhibition
PinpointNational Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, UK
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We are delighted to be sponsoring the AESIN Conference 2022 at the National Motorcycle Museum on 1 September. The conference will provide a platform for technology champions to share technical expertise and innovation with the audience. Attendees will benefit by learning about leading developments in the UK automotive electronics systems industry covering topics such as ADAS & Highly Automated Vehicles, Security, Clean & Connected Mobility, Perception Sensors, User Experience and User Interface Design and Systems Engineering. Established in 2012, and recognised as the premier UK Automotive Electronics Conference, AESIN Conference 2022 will be host to speakers, demo vehicles and exhibitors from across the Automotive Industry and broader ecosystem from the UK/Europe and beyond.

At TTP, we work with clients to develop the sensing and perception systems that will enable the next generation of autonomous vehicles. Michael Allan leads the autonomous technology team at TTP and will be presenting at AESIN Conference 2022.

Presentation: Is Perfect Sensor Availability Needed to Reach Zero Deaths?

Abstract: Autonomous vehicles are using an increasing number of sensors to deliver the data required for safety-critical self-driving algorithms. The algorithms need this data to operate, so what happens when a sensor stops working, or more mundanely, gets dirty? An oft-cited adage is that we will need to replace the fuel tank in an AV with a washer fluid tank to keep all the sensors clean. Michael will set out ways sensor and vehicle manufacturers can ensure that their algorithms are always getting the data they need.

Connect with our Autonomous Driving team at AESIN Conference 2022.

For more information on how TTP can help you solve your sensing challenges, visit www.ttp.com/autonomous-driving

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