TTP Plc (TTP), a leading independent technology and product development company, today announced that it will be showcasing advances with the development of its Puckdx™ point-of-care diagnostic platform at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego, at booth 1658 at the San Diego Centre.

Since the launch of the platform at AACC in 2016, technical developments have made it possible for Puckdx to run quantitative PCR amplification times of 7 mins for 30 cycles. This will enable point-of-care diagnostic providers to rapidly convert their biological assay into a market-ready system capable of producing a result in less than quarter of an hour, for specific assays.

At its core, the Puck dx™ platform uses a novel fluid handling system designed to enable ready translation from bench to disposable. The platform has the flexibility to effectively and efficiently extract DNA and RNA from a range of samples. This, combined with an ultra-fast thermal cycler module and a multi-channel optics detection system means that the platform is capable of very fast sample to answer results.

The Puck dx™ platform provides an accessible and rapid route to market, offering a seamless approach for companies looking to accelerate the development of their assay to a product for use in diagnostics or research.

“Over recent years, we‘ve seen an increased need for a flexible sample to answer platform, capable of translating processes and instrumentation from the central lab to the researcher’s or clinic’s desktop”, said Piers Harding, inventor of the Puck dx™ Technology at TTP Plc. “The platform meets that need by providing a complete programmable sample to answer solution”.

Since announcing the development of the Puck dx™ system last year, TTP has focused on sensitivity, speed and cost; resulting in demonstration of LOD’s of 100 copies (of RNA and DNA), amplification times of 7 mins (30 cycles 60, 98, 60C°), and a fully assembled cartridge cost of less than $2.00 (excluding reagents).

The Puck platform is enabled with TTP’s expertise fast track system development for regulated environments. Key to this, is the ability for TTP’s team to convert the biology needs into a low cost, fast, reliable solution capable of supporting expanding assay menus.

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