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Quantum technologies are set to disrupt many industries by unlocking new capabilities – in medical imaging, end-of-line testing, inertial navigation or underground detection for example. 

We accelerate the commercialisation journey of quantum technologies and spot opportunities where existing industries will benefit. 

TTP’s world-class scientists are steeped in quantum technology, and our engineers cover all other specialisms needed for successful product development. 

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Product development

We accelerate the commercialisation journey of quantum technologies. Our expertise in both quantum technology and product development gives confidence in robust solutions.

Technology advisory

We identify threats and opportunities where quantum technologies can make a difference in existing industries. We provide evidence-based insight into technological readiness, timescales and the art of possible. 

Quantum technologies team

TTP’s dedicated quantum technologies team has high-level training in quantum physics, with particular experience in quantum optics, quantum computing, atomic physics, laser cooling molecules, quantum cryptography.  

Members of the team have conducted advanced research in cold atoms and ions and thermal vapours, cryogenic solid state quantum physics, advanced spectroscopic techniques, and single and entangled photon creation and manipulation. 

In addition, our team has experience in the following enabling techniques for quantum technologies. 

  • Optics: ultrafast optics; photon correlations; optical microcavities; integrated photonics; custom lens design, simulation and fabrication (refractive and diffractive); using, building and characterising cryogenic single photon detectors 
  • Fabrication: production of MEMS devices; focussed ion beam milling of mirrors for high finesse microcavities; semiconductor fabrication and characterisation including cryogenics, vacuum systems and clean-room lithography
  • Modelling: simulation of complex quantum systems using bespoke finite element simulations; COMSOL modelling of superconductors for practical applications
  • Cryogenics: liquid helium and dilution refrigeration experience
  • RF electronics: RF phase locking of electro-optics devices, ASIC design, optical modulation by RF signal 

Focus areas

Quantum Sensing

Quantum sensors exploit superposition and entanglement to detect magnetic fields and acceleration with unprecedent precision. We engineer proof-of-concept technologies into prototypes or products that are robust, low in cost and certifiable in the target market. 

TTP develops sensors for automotive, medical and gas sensing applications 

Quantum Communications

Quantum key distribution (QKD) and random number generation (QRNG) can avoid the vulnerabilities of purely mathematical cryptography. Solutions from academia are now readily available. We can solve the challenges of cost and scalability in implementation. 

TTP’s work in wireless communications 

Quantum Computing

With a shift in how companies approach problems, quantum computing can transform industries by solving previously intractable classes of problems. We bring both in-depth knowledge of quantum and real-world insight to bear on the problems faced by a range of industries. 

TTP’s work in AI and Machine Learning in healthcare


Quantum imaging exploits advanced quantum mechanics or takes advantage of existing quantum-enabling devices. Either way, imaging by measuring the previously unmeasurable will impact a wide range of industries. 

TTP’s work in medical imaging 

Beyond quantum technology

At TTP, these specialist capabilities are complemented by the multidisciplinary expertise of 250 scientists and engineers who develop technology and products for a wide range of industries. 

TTP’s technical facilities include flexible and specialist lab space and R&D facilities including in-house laser and radio frequency labs as well as a microfabrication facility. 

TTP is currently involved in the development of next generation technologies and products in the relevant areas shown below. 

Quantum Intext Highres

Quantum technology: addressing the packaging challenge to foster commercialisation

The UK and other countries are building a vibrant quantum technology ecosystem that soon needs to become self-sustaining. Will addressing the “quantum technology packaging challenge” more rapidly create a quantum economy that delivers the benefits of Quantum 2.0? A blog by William Hamlyn, Laura Wright and Ben Metcalf.

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Uav Hero Copy

TTP's technology solutions for drones

Scalable, safe and regulation-compliant drone platforms require solutions that align multiple pieces of the drone technology puzzle. 

We leverage our expertise in communications, sensors and artificial intelligence, and our experience in the aeronautical sector to offer end-to-end technology development services for drone vendors. 

Read about our capabilities

Spacecom Edit

TTP's activities in space and satellite sectors

We help our customers to create innovative solutions for terrestrial and satellite communications, which include IoT, 5G, satellite payload and electronically-steered antennas.

Find out more here

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Inventing the future of neurotechnology

Delivering novel neuromodulation therapies requires a truly multi-disciplinary team, with expertise in implantable medical device development, multi-physics modelling, advanced electronics and RF design, low-power sensing, and embedded processing techniques.

Explore how TTP are doing this here

Autonomous Driving

Sensors for autonomous vehicles

The sensors for autonomous vehicles are getting smarter and more accurate, enabling vehicle developers to reach high levels of autonomy in prototype systems. The next challenge is to reduce the cost of manufacture and integration to a point where wider adoption is possible.

Dig deeper here

Fablab Main

Rapid microfabrication

With over 30 years of microfabrication experience, TTP’s world-class µ-fab facility provides unique silicon, glass and polymer R&D and production solutions to various industrial sectors.

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Novel gas sensor

New low-cost gas sensor technology from TTP uses speed of sound TTP’s SonicSense delivers accurate gas sensing at a fraction of the cost of existing methods

Read the press release here

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