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The success of the small satellite industry, and its services, depends on safely scaling the operation of large satellite constellations in orbits shared with thousands of other such satellites – and space debris.

We deploy expertise in communications, sensor systems, energy and materials, and AI to develop game-changing improvements to the reliability, trackability, manoeuvrability, and intelligence of space assets. 



Intersatellite Data Relay

Low SWaP-C space-qualified satcom data terminal for LEO nanosatellites and launch vehicles.

Satellite Many

Low SWaP-C Satellite Tracking

Satellite tracking by providing a “black box” service that operates during launch and in spite of satellite failure.

Space Debris

Enhanced Space Situational Awareness

Transferable low SWAP-C sensor systems from TTP’s drone technology offering for comprehensive space debris tracking.


Lightweight Emergency Propulsion

Independent low SWAP-C propulsion capability for LEO satellites at 600km+ altitudes to hasten their demise to <25 years and to provide emergency collision avoidance.



We advise on and develop bespoke technology solutions. Our clients own the resulting IP, which is often cheaper than existing solutions.

End-to-end Service

From understanding a market opportunity, to concept generation and detailed realisation, we undertake all stages of technology, product and service development. 


Our teams offer unrivalled expertise in terrestrial and satellite communications, sensor development, software and data processing, with the ability to draw in wider expertise from across TTP as required for each project. 

Technology partnership

We work stand-alone or in close partnership with our clients’ internal teams to deliver technology solutions for our clients. 

Fast-track development

Our teams deliver developments in record time, enabling clients to be first to any market from enterprise automation to cargo and personal mobility.  

Space Debris

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The success of small satellite services will depend on safely scaling the operations of large satellite constellations in crowded orbits. Commercial drones face a similar challenge – and could have learnings and technology to offer.

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