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Immunodiagnostic system that brings central-lab quality ELISA data to the desktop. Uses whole blood sample input from a tube with integrated centrifuge for on-cartridge plasma generation and rapid results. Implements standard ELISA protocols on a single use device.

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On-cartridge mini centrifuge

Single-use centrifuge embedded as part of a cartridge consumableCan be integrated to undertake blood into plasma for use in an immunoassay and preparation of cell-free DNA from whole blood for use in a downstream molecular assay with comparable results to benchtop centrifuge protocolsReadily integrated into other disposable systems. 

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Designed for minimal plastic use – aiming for <2g per testLow-cost, sample-to-answer ELISA  system, based on microFlex technology, delivering central-lab quality results with rapid assay times.  

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DNA Nudge

Sample-to-answer 72-plex point-of-use PCR device and cartridge. The device can identify multiple genetic traits from an individual’s DNA within just one hour.  The system can be evolved to provide sample to answer panel diagnostic testing in any location.

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Hand-held, field-deployed or home-based nucleic acid testing device with integrated sample preparation. Manually operated and uses colorimetric LAMP for a simple colour-coded results.

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Puck Assist

Benchtop sample in, to eluent out, sample preparation device with consumable cartridge – providing a coffee pod sized biology workflow.   Cartridge is pre-loaded with all required reagents and protocol as automatically undertaken with reliable performance targeting equivalence or better than manual benchtop methods.  Based on the same technology as found in TTP’s Puck diagnostic platform.

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Point of care diagnostic platform for UTI antibiotic susceptibility testing. In less than 1 hour the platform detects bacterial growth associated with an infection and then determines antibiotic susceptibility to enable the best course of treatment.  

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Uses ultra-efficient and ultra-fast DNA amplification for highly compact PCR-based diagnostic system designed for primary care use. Sample-to-answer times are expected to be considerably less than 10 minutes – shorter than a typical physician’s appointment.

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Bio-printing technology capable of depositing, without damage, a diverse range of biological materials, including blood cells and antibodies. Significantly reduces the per sample cost and sample volume requirements. Fast printing – capable of printing pl to 100s of nl in considerably less than a second. Currently used in high throughput manufacturing of diagnostic bio-arrays.

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We integrate complex processes into easy-to-use and low-cost disposables. We offer clients complementary technologies that ensure they can deliver. We are unrivalled in speed of development, confidence of functionality and of regulatory manufacturability – and we can deliver at scale.

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Our activities in innovation of instrumentation and approaches for immunoassay measurements.

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Realising novel systems in molecular diagnostics.

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