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Complete drone technology solutions

Complete drone technology solutions

Scalable, safe and regulation-compliant drone platforms require solutions that align multiple pieces of the drone technology puzzle. 

We leverage our expertise in communications, sensors and artificial intelligence, and our experience in the aeronautical sector to offer end-to-end technology development services for drone vendors. 


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Low SWaP-C connectivity

Ubiquitous hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity pushing the lower limits of size, weight, power and cost.

Drone Sensing

Low SWaP-C Drone Safety Technologies

Sensor suite and onboard intelligence to enable detect and avoid in shared airspace.

Novel Antennas

Novel Low Profile Antennas

Lightweight antennas that deliver the required coverage without compromising aerodynamics.

News & Insights

Andrew Fell Of Ttp Holds New Iris Terminal

UAV airspace access a step closer thanks to Inmarsat's latest tech signing

Inmarsat and the European Space Agency (ESA) today announced the development of a compact satellite terminal for Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as part of the ground-breaking IRIS air traffic modernisation programme: paving the way for UAVs to be safely integrated into commercial airspace.

Read the press release here

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Keeping people connected while in the air

Whether we are traveling by car, train or boat, we all take for granted that we are able to call family, friends, and colleagues. But for a long time, one glaring exception was the inability to make calls while in the air.

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Fresh approaches are propelling the UAV space to new heights

By designing agnostic core technology components for partners to build their own solutions around, Inmarsat and TTP are pointing towards a new way of working in the UAV market.

Read the blog here

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Detect and avoid: how do we make UAVs “uncollidable” without heavy and expensive sensors?

Sensor fusion will be needed to unlock BVLOS, but achieving low SWAP-C is key to take “detect and avoid” to the next level. TTP went back to the first principles to work out what is possible with different sensors.

Read the latest blog here


BVLOS for UAVs: How can we let smaller drones off the leash?

Beyond vision line of sight (BVLOS) or autonomous operation enabled by low SWaP-C Electronic Conspicuity and Detect and Avoid technology based on sensor fusion could unlock many business cases for lightweight UAVs.

Read the blog here

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Towards a technology platform for future enterprise drones easing drone product managers woes

With Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations just over the horizon, future enterprise drones could vastly improve industrial productivity. Drone manufacturers must guide the development of a common underlying technology platform for their target market segments, says Vidhya Sridhar.

Read the blog here 



We advise on and develop bespoke technology solutions. Our clients own the resulting IP, which is often cheaper than existing solutions.

End-to-End Service

From understanding a market opportunity, to concept generation and detailed realisation, we undertake all stages of technology, product and service development.

Track Record in Aeronautical

We develop soft- and hardware in accordance with aviation standards such as DO-178 and DO-254 (DAL Level D) and test designs to demanding aviation environmental requirements (DO-160G). 


Our teams offer unrivalled expertise in terrestrial and satellite communications, sensor development, software and data processing, with the ability to draw in wider expertise from across TTP as required for each project. 

Technology Partnership

We work stand-alone or in close partnership with our clients’ internal teams to deliver technology solutions for our clients.

Fast-Track Development

Our teams deliver developments in record time, enabling clients to be first to any market from enterprise automation to cargo and personal mobility.  

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