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GEO: Chorus energy monitor

Green Energy Options (GEO) wanted to supply European utilities companies with a home energy monitoring product to help them meet legislation designed to reduce carbon emissions.

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    Green Energy Options

With the ability to develop products quickly and cost-effectively, TTP was the partner of choice. 

Meeting aggressive time scales, including transfer to the Far East for manufacture, the result of the development was the highly successful and innovative Chorus energy monitor.

Developed to meet exacting cost of goods requirements, the Chorus energy monitor runs using Linux OS and an ISM band specially developed radio protocol. Mains- and battery-powered, the monitor has a wireless Zigbee SE connection to a non-invasive energy sensor fitted to a home's gas and electricity input.

Displaying the energy consumption graphically and in monetary form, the monitor allows consumers to track energy use with ease, saving them money and reducing carbon emissions.

product highlights


Linux OS


Zigbee SE (Smart Energy) Radio


Mains - and battery-powered


ISM band in home communications using a TTP-proprietary radio protocol


Manufactured in the Far East


The fast-track product development capability of TTP is an ideal route for the lean venture-backed start-up model.

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