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K-Haler® taking innovation into production

TTP routinely creates and applies new technologies, and much of our success is down to the fact that we are able to turn these new technologies into manufacturable products.

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    Clinical Designs

The K-Haler® exemplifies how we innovate in drug delivery and take this innovation into production.

Taking Clinical Designs’ original concept for the valve, TTP initially demonstrated a successful manufacturing solution for the technology. We then developed a full pMDI device around this valve and took this design through to pilot production. The result is a 6-part breath-actuated inhaler (BAI) instead of a more typical 14- or 15-part BAI.

The device has a low fire point for easy actuation, and a very low step change in pressure drop. This gives a nice 'feel', increasing patient acceptability as does its small size and ease of use (open – inhale – close). It also achieves excellent in-vitro equivalence.

Inhaler Family

30 years of innovation in the drug delivery field

The K-Haler is a unique, pressurised metered-dose inhaler (pMDI) which uses an innovative kink valve to create a breath-actuated delivery mechanism. Breath-actuated devices are typically expensive and complex with many components. The novel kink valve in our design enabled a much simpler design and lowered the cost to manufacture.

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Battery-free, wireless sensing technology in medical implants

Our battery-free, wireless sensing technology enables a range of embedded measurement.

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    Smith & Nephew
Smith Nephew

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