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Mayflower wireless technology

Mayflower approached TTP with aggressive cost, performance and reliability targets for a new, remotely controlled street lighting solution. TTP's extensive experience in design for manufacture and cost engineering allowed us to create a custom solution that exceeded their expectations.

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Street Lighting

Wireless technology touches all areas of life. Beyond traditional communications, there are growing opportunities to use this technology to enable device management via remote control, sometimes referred to as machine-to-machine control or the Internet of Things. Mayflower recognised that its application in the remote management of street lighting could reduce energy consumption, billing costs and CO2 emissions.

Mayflower provides a Central Management System (CMS) for controlling and monitoring public lighting installations. They have a current installation programme in excess of 250,000 units, allowing individual fault monitoring and dimming.

The TTP technology that enabled this complete package was a node-to-node wireless mesh network that used 50% less power than the previous design with enhanced range and resistance to interference. Following the decision to build offshore, TTP designed the manufacturing line hardware and software and provided support during the production ramp.


50% reduction in power consumption over the existing design, with enhanced reliability and class-leading metering accuracy.

All nodes communicate via a Zigbee self-healing mesh network connected to Mayflower’s back-office solution via a secured GSM Internet connection, mounted to the network coordinator.

Product range has dramatically increased Mayflower’s offering.

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