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Neopost Inkjet franking machine

TTP applies the same creativity and robust engineering skills it uses in the development of consumer devices to create innovative and cost-effective commercial products.

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In many cases, creative engineering is even more critical to the development of a commercial product, especially where cost targets are tight and manufacturing volumes are lower than those of consumer products, as was the case with Neopost.

TTP designed and developed the mechanical and electronic hardware and the print engine firmware, for Neopost's Autostamp inkjet franking machine. This entry level model had a modest 50,000 per annum production volume and tough cost targets.

In order to meet these targets, we employed innovative low-cost drive electronics and used a 600dpi HP inkjet cartridge with additional data encryption and security logic developed at TTP.

Further innovation in this development included a patented two-pass print mechanism. We located and qualified a Chinese manufacturer - this was the final piece in assuring that the product achieved its cost targets.

  • 1/2” HP Cartridge with additional security logic, developed at TTP.
  • TTP designed and developed the mechanical and electronic hardware and print engine firmware.
  • Innovative low cost drive electronics.
  • TTP located, qualified and managed a Chinese manufacturer.
  • 50k per annum production volume.
  • Patented single motor twin axis print mechanism.

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