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SnapShot DX® point-of-care veterinary diagnostics

Getting results in an instant and in situ are among the benefits of point of care (POC) diagnostics.

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In the veterinary or companion animal healthcare market, a fast, efficient and flexible POC diagnostic platform is a strong advantage: treatment can be started straight away and costly return visits can be avoided.

IDEXX has a lateral flow assay platform that can be applied to a broad range of tests, but it needs to be “machine read” for the maximum amount of quantitative information to be gleaned.

TTP worked with IDEXX to develop a new, cost-reduced instrument platform to read the tests. The result is the SnapShot DX, a low-cost, easy-to-use, POC diagnostics instrument for the veterinary healthcare market.

The instrument incorporates a LED/CCD-based vision system that provides quantitative and qualitative data from a lateral flow immunoassay test device. Our expertise in optical design and vision algorithms has enabled this simple, compact, and low-cost illumination and imaging system for reading the assay, without sacrificing performance and flexibility.

The SnapShot DX offers radical improvements over the first-generation product in terms of usability, flexibility, reliability and ease of manufacture. It also provides a platform for future commercialisation of new diagnostic tests.

TTP's combination of optical design skills and instrument engineering expertise allows us to develop turnkey solutions for the instrumentation markets. We deliver instruments that offer higher levels of performance, reduced size, lower cost and improved ease of use.

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