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None of that 'new year, new career' nonsense

Don't move jobs because you're looking down the barrel of four months until Easter. Move because you want to try and test and learn. To wonder. To create. To challenge and be challenged.

If you've got it, we want it all

We’ll give you unmatched freedom to pursue your ideas and feed your curiosity. The chance to change the world we live in. And you won’t have to stop doing what you love the more ‘senior’ you become.

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We're hiring:

Electronic & Electrical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical Design Engineers
Embedded Software Engineers & Software Developers
Life Scientists
Specialist Scientists & Engineers

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If you don’t see the role for you, but have got TTP at your core, drop us a line.

We’re always happy to get to know the talented scientists and engineers of today and tomorrow.

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The space to invent

Create the technologies that change the way people live, work and do business.

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