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Accurate and reliable marine positioning, for example of a vessel alongside an offshore rig, is essential for the safety of life and infrastructure. This places stringent requirements on the hardware and software that deliver this positioning service.


TTP worked with VERIPOS, a premier provider of precision navigation and positioning products, to develop a powerful yet highly configurable integrated mobile positioning system.


The highly configurable LD6 unit has enabled VERIPOS to explore niche customer requirements and expand their positioning service offering into new markets and applications.

VERIPOS offers highly robust precise positioning services for the most difficult offshore marine operating conditions.

The market demands precision and reliability. TTP developed a powerful and highly configurable integrated mobile unit (known as the LD6), taking the design from concept to production in less than two years.

The architecture was designed to support existing radio frequency and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers as well as to accommodate future needs to ensure longevity of the receiver in the market place. Keen attention to detail was required, including thermal management and ensuring a high mean time between failures.

Working closely with VERIPOS’s selected manufacturing partner, TTP managed the turn-key product development, including pre and full compliance regulatory testing and transfer to production. This allowed VERIPOS to focus efforts on expanding their dynamic positioning services and associated algorithms that were designed to run on the LD6 Windows Embedded platform.

The LD6 is a key product in the VERIPOS portfolio. It enables a wide range of applications and ensures that VERIPOS remains at the cutting edge of maritime navigation services.


VERIPOS selected TTP as a development partner because of their track record in product development and the confidence we gained in their ability to deliver during pre-contract negotiations. TTP were instrumental in achieving our goal, working closely with the VERIPOS team throughout the development, and providing support following transfer to production.

Bobby Johnson
VP Service and Marine at VERIPOS

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