TTP Campus

Designed for collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Our award winning campus has been designed with a clear vision. To create a space which can support our people and our clients as we develop and deliver the very best technology solutions. Our campus was awarded as the Winner of the Greater Cambridge Design and Construction (GCDC) Awards 2024.

Our campus will enable our technically brilliant people to come together and work across disciplines. It will enhance the way we work alongside, and deliver for, our clients from the early ideas through to commercial production.

Dr. Sam Hyde, Managing Director of TTP

TTP Campus is made up of three key spaces:

The Hive

Our mixed office and lab space, The Hive, covers nearly 80,000ft2 and is open plan and all on one level.

The Tech Barn

The Tech Barn offers over 18,000ft2 of focused laboratory, testing, and build space for large-scale projects.

The Exchange

The Exchange provides a staff restaurant, and gym, as well as collaboration, agile working, event, and social space.

The Hive

The Hive sits at the heart of TTP Campus. This large, single-story building has an open-plan layout with lab work benches adjacent to desk-working areas.

Built into the design is a variety of working spaces, and a large central amenity area, to enable interactions and encourage idea and knowledge sharing across our business.

The Hive brings everyone closer together so that we, and our clients, can benefit from a space which encourages creativity and innovation.

The Tech Barn

The Tech Barn is a hub for our world-class facilities and equipment specially designed for large-scale projects.

Split over two floors there is a laser lab suite, an advanced manufacturing area and advanced bio labs, along with a general project space.

The Exchange

The Exchange is our event, dining and social space. It’s designed for us and our clients to gather, exchange ideas, work and relax.

As well as our restaurant, there is also an onsite gym and the space is closely connected to the external landscape with wildlife meadows and ponds, and 1km fitness trail.

Our Sustainability Story

  • We have 582 photovoltaic panels on the roof of The Hive, so we can sustainably produce 38% of our energy requirements
  • We’ve planted 773 trees and these will be sustained by water from our site
  • A new 984m² wildlife pond has been created
  • 950m of native hedgerow will be installed


We appointed an Ecologist at the start of the project to ensure that the TTP Campus worked as well for local wildlife as it does for our people and our clients. To achieve this we’ve enhanced the natural habitat with hundreds of trees, two new ponds, and acres of wildflower meadows across large areas of the site.

We’ve taken great care to look after our site’s animal residents. We re-homed our resident reptiles and water voles to protect them during construction, and we’re welcoming wildlife back on-site with new ecosystems created as part of our landscaping. Our ponds provide habitat for invertebrates and amphibians; we’ve constructed hibernacula at site boundaries; wildlife boxes and wildlife-friendly lighting will be installed for bats and birds; and log piles provided for invertebrates and reptile hibernation. Our wildflower meadows will provide a great habitat for bees, butterflies, and other insects – and enjoyment for us all!

TTP Campus also provides extensive tree cover and developing woodland areas, with numerous specimen trees and native hedgerows. A green roof adorns The Exchange (our amenity building), encouraging wildlife even within the footprint of the buildings.

Within our local community in Melbourn, we helped the Wild Trout Trust to restore and enhance 500m of the River Mel.


The planning consent for TTP Campus set a 10% target for reducing CO2. We’ve worked with construction partners SDC to achieve a projected saving of 20.6%, equating to a reduction of 49.5 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

High levels of insulation, high-performance windows and doors, and attention to airtightness ensure efficient building operation. Shading manages solar gain on the South sides of our buildings, while energy-efficient air source heat pumps will absorb heat from the outside air to provide heat and hot water. Some 1,163m² of solar panels on the roof of The Hive will save a predicted 212 tonnes of CO2 annually and, in the process, will generate 38% of TTP’s projected energy needs.

The exposed concrete superstructure uses a concrete mix containing 50% recycled blast-furnace slag, reducing the energy consumed in its production and the volume of slag sent to landfill. The thermal mass of this concrete is used to further balance the building’s energy consumption.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we looked at travel and commuting. We have contributed £175,000 to improve local transport infrastructure, including footpath improvements to Meldreth Station, better bus stop provision on Cambridge Road, and cycleway enhancement to Royston. On site, we have installed 34 electric vehicle charging points, and we’re encouraging people to cycle to work with wide cycle paths, parking for 128 cycles, and shower and locker provision.

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