Life Science

We work at the intersection of physics, engineering and the biological sciences, creating and developing new technology with ambitious companies through our life science consulting services.

Life Science Consulting

Building on a long track record in life science instrumentation, we routinely design systems capable of meeting demanding biological and physical hardware requirements.

Omics Technology

Our scientists, engineers and market experts are delivering cutting-edge technologies across all aspects of omics, from spatial biology and single cell analytics to novel approaches in DNA, RNA and protein sequencing. Innovating and delivering systems tailored to our clients’ needs is at the heart of what we do.

Discovery and Research Tools

Many companies face important decisions about how best to access cleanroom and laboratory facilities, equipment and knowledge. With over 30 years of discovery and research experience and world-class facilities, we provide access to the high-tech facilities, tools and know-how that brings solutions to market.

In Vitro Diagnostics Product Development

At TTP, we bring together world-leading scientists and engineers to deliver cutting-edge diagnostics solutions today – and we have done so for over three decades. We have a proven track record of working at the forefront of technology, inventing disruptive diagnostic systems every day.

Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies offer potential cures for some of the most devastating and challenging conditions of our time. TTP is enabling leading companies to commercialise and realise the full potential of their innovative cell therapies.


We offer disruptive solutions to improve performance and cost of biological processes while enhancing human interactions with instruments that accelerate the biologic development timeline.

Creating opportunities by developing leading edge technology

Understanding the interplay between the fundamental biology of a process and the physical behaviour of a system is critical to successful development. Recognising this, we have built a tightly integrated team of biologists, physicists and engineers capable of optimising solutions with a very high degree of multi-disciplinary design complexity to deliver life science consulting to ambitious businesses.

We have extensive labs and fabrication facilities, including a bio-MEMS lab. This allows us to rapidly prototype, iterate and validate the biological and physical aspects of system design. Beyond prototyping we have the capacity to scale to pre-production and transfer to manufacture.

TTP has also established an advanced molecular design capability, taking engineering to the molecular level with a view to achieving improved molecular or cellular recognition, reaction mechanisms and detection chemistries. We develop cutting-edge methodologies for diagnostic systems and can rapidly develop novel biomarker detection scaffolds for improved diagnostics, immunoassays and research tools.

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