Industry leadership

TTP works with ambitious clients in a broad range of industries, using its deep knowledge and multidisciplinary approach to invent and deliver groundbreaking solutions across them all.


Healthcare is moving from hospital to clinic to home. New treatments are becoming decentralised and more personalised, making the need for high-tech, user-centric, data-enabled solutions greater than ever.


We offer deep expertise in science and technology, unrivalled agility in execution, and an excellent track record in developing new products and technology for clients in the eyecare market.

Surgery and Imaging

Our expertise in surgical technology and medical imaging and understanding of each market allows us to help our clients to turn innovative ideas into marketable products rapidly.

Drug Delivery

We can help you address the challenges in your drug delivery project and drive forward the development of next-generation devices and solutions for on-body and off-body treatments.


Whether you are looking for de novo device development, are making the jump from your first proof-of-concept to a production-ready design, or need to troubleshoot specific aspects of your system, we create bespoke technology solutions for implantable medical devices.


Emerging biosensor technologies are enabling the measurement and analysis of valuable trace markers, leading to improved clinical outcomes by allowing the accurate observation of previously undetectable physiological signals in real time.

Digital Health

Healthcare consumers are no longer willing to accept a poor user experience, and the consumer world has set their expectations sky-high. We design products and health experiences encompassing both physical and digital products for the healthcare consumers of tomorrow.

Deep Tech

We deliver state-of-the-art solutions for companies across a broad range of sectors, including energy, industrial facilities, telecoms, advanced manufacturing, and autonomous and connected devices.


We accelerate commercialisation of quantum technologies and spot opportunities where existing industries will benefit.


We bring the next generation of autonomy to industries ranging from uncrewed aircraft, autonomous cars, heavy industrial vehicles, farming robots to autonomous spacecraft.


Making an impact in the energy transition with sustainable energy technology development, such as hydrogen energy technologies, biomanufacturing process and optimisation, and industrial-scale implementation.


A world-class development partner for space and ground, we help our customers to create innovative solutions for terrestrial and satellite communications.

5G Communications

Having extensive experience in terrestrial and satellite communications ecosystems, we help our clients to evolve their next generation of products and services to 5G and beyond.

Life Science

Building on a long track record in life science instrumentation, we routinely design systems capable of meeting demanding biological and physical hardware requirements.


Our scientists, engineers and market experts are delivering cutting-edge technologies across all aspects of omics, from spatial biology and single cell analytics to novel approaches in DNA, RNA and protein sequencing. Innovating and delivering systems tailored to our clients’ needs is at the heart of what we do.

Discovery and Research Tools

Many companies face important decisions about how best to access cleanroom and laboratory facilities, equipment and knowledge. With over 30 years of discovery and research experience and world-class facilities, we provide access to the high-tech facilities, tools and know-how that brings solutions to market.


At TTP, we bring together world-leading scientists and engineers to deliver cutting-edge diagnostics solutions today – and we have done so for over three decades. We have a proven track record of working at the forefront of technology, inventing disruptive diagnostic systems every day.

Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies offer potential cures for some of the most devastating and challenging conditions of our time. TTP is enabling leading companies to commercialise and realise the full potential of their innovative cell therapies.


We offer disruptive solutions to improve performance and cost of biological processes while enhancing human interactions with instruments that accelerate the biologic development timeline.