We partner with organisations around the world to help design and deliver advanced technology based healthcare solutions that improve both patient and commercial outcomes.


Healthcare is moving from hospital to clinic to home. New treatments are becoming decentralised and more personalised, making the need for high-tech, user-centric, data-enabled solutions greater than ever.


We offer deep expertise in science and technology, unrivalled agility in execution, and an excellent track record in developing new products and technology for clients in the eyecare market.

Surgery and Imaging

Our expertise in surgical technology and medical imaging and understanding of each market allows us to help our clients to turn innovative ideas into marketable products rapidly.

Drug Delivery Systems

We can help you address the challenges in your drug delivery project and drive forward the development of next-generation devices and solutions for on-body and off-body treatments.


Whether you are looking for de novo device development, are making the jump from your first proof-of-concept to a production-ready design, or need to troubleshoot specific aspects of your system, we create bespoke technology solutions for implantable medical devices.


Emerging biosensor technologies are enabling the measurement and analysis of valuable trace markers, leading to improved clinical outcomes by allowing the accurate observation of previously undetectable physiological signals in real time.

Digital Health

Healthcare consumers are no longer willing to accept a poor user experience, and the consumer world has set their expectations sky-high. We design products and health experiences encompassing both physical and digital products for the healthcare consumers of tomorrow.

Healthcare solutions for a changing global population

Societal and economic trends are driving the healthcare industry to develop innovative and cost-effective therapies for a changing global population.

The dominant trend is societal; a growing global population with increased life-expectancy – the so called ‘ageing ailing’ population. On its own this trend creates the need for better therapies, or for new ones such as immunotherapy or cell therapy.

But this societal trend is also creating an economic trend – an unmanageable and unsustainable increase in the cost of care. The need is not just for better therapies, but for better value; so-called value-based healthcare.

Creating opportunities by developing leading edge technology

At TTP, we partner with organisations around the world to help design and deliver advanced technology based healthcare solutions that improve both patient and commercial outcomes.

From our world-class R&D facility, multi-disciplinary teams of experts work in a unique culture designed specifically for agility and invention.

Our teams partner with you to find new solutions and accelerate existing ideas to market through inventiveness and problem solving.

Sustainability in healthcare

Minimising Healthcare’s Contribution to Climate Change through Innovation

Medical device developers and pharmaceutical companies are starting to take sustainability seriously, but by focusing only on their own Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions they significantly limit the overall impact their products can have across healthcare, which is responsible for almost 5% of global carbon emissions.

In this whitepaper, ‘Ready for Net Negative?’, we offer a new perspective to enable a step change in reducing the environmental impact of healthcare. Consideration of sustainability impacts at the level of the care pathway together with innovation will allow industry leaders to deliver net-negative products and services – without the use of emissions off-setting.

Download and understand:

  • How sustainability targets are currently set and met within business
  • How suppliers to healthcare systems can ask the right questions to achieve the greatest possible reduction in carbon emissions with their products
  • How to reduce direct and indirect emissions at the level of the care pathway
  • How digital health can catalyse a shift to more sustainable healthcare

We also provide two detailed case studies of an at-home diagnostic device and of minimally invasive surgery to illustrate the wealth of opportunities to improve the quality of care while minimising the contribution to climate change.

Download the ‘Ready for Net Negative?’ Whitepaper

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