“Internet of Things” (IoT) innovators Mayflower and its development partner The Technology Partnership plc (TTP) are pleased to announce that they have been shortlisted for this year’s 2015 IET Innovation Awards. Mayflower and development partner TTP, were shortlisted for the highly successful commercial UK deployment of a ZigBee wireless mesh network‐based street light central management system (CMS).

Commenting on the selection, Project Manager at TTP, Richard Sims said “With over 300 applicants from 28 countries, being selected as a finalist in the competition is a great result. With two previous awards already, it underlines the quality of the Mayflower innovation in the Smart City sector. ”

Mayflower and TTP have been at the forefront of the development of the ‘Smart City’ concept – a smart city is one which uses digital information and communication technology to enhance the quality and performance of its urban services in order to reduce costs and resource consumption.

Mayflower currently offers clients a cloud‐based back office system to manage their lighting using data collected from the ZigBee wireless mesh network. This includes flagging of faults, inventory management and variable lighting control with the capability to predict and model energy savings. However, this is just one of the smart city applications of IoT. Opportunities include utilising existing networks of street furniture such as bus stops, street lighting, and bill boards, where nodes can be placed to collect data that ranges from traffic and pedestrian behavior, through to environment monitoring.

Patrick Mitchell, Head of Mayflower, commented: “The Mayflower team, in‐conjunction with our development partner TTP, continues to deliver tangible and relevant solutions for the lighting industry. Further applications to collect additional data useful to city managers are under development which further demonstrates our ambition to become a major contributor in the Smart City space”

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