TTP consultant, Douglas Bradshaw, was interviewed on Sky News’ Ian King Live and discussed our rapid response to the NHS ventilator challenge, with the design and development of a ventilator during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There was a call from government to respond to the challenge and in terms of what prompted us, it is a pretty easy decision. We were very aware of the context. TTP was already involved in some other aspects of the response to COVID-19, particularly around testing, but it was a very easy decision to commit wholeheartedly. Essentially a large proportion of TTP’s business to the challenge of designing these ventilators in an unprecedentedly short time scale.”, Douglas said.

As for the logistical challenges of TTP had to face, he mentioned: “There are couple of points in there. One is about the difficulty of the challenge, but also the role that we were playing. So as Fraser has mentioned the challenge was to be able to produce not just tens or hundreds of ventilators, but potentially thousands per week and TTP’s role in the broader ventilator challenge was to produce a design from scratch that was capable of manufacturing thousands and that’s something that we did do successfully. I’m very grateful in the end those extremely high numbers weren’t actually needed, and lockdown was successful itself.”

“As to the challenge, it’s not unusual for TTP and companies like us to face difficult development challenges. What was different here was the speed, but there are a few things that with hindsight we think contributed to the success in the end. It was a very clear goal. We knew exactly what we needed to do, and helpfully we have experience of that. TTP is quite a large organisation and we have the bandwidth that others don’t, not even globally, let alone in the UK. There aren’t that many companies who can address that challenge.”

“And with regards to the lessons learnt from this challenge: “I feel very proud of the way in which my colleagues stepped up to the challenge. Moreover, the way in which we felt like there was a strong collaboration from Ministers through the Cabinet Office through our friends in PA, who were managing it, and then down indeed into the supply chain itself. It felt like it was a privilege to be a part of it. And I’m very proud that TTP was successful in delivering its part of the overall challenge.”

Read our case study to find out more about the ventilator challenge and how TTP designed and developed a ventilator for the UK Government in record time during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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