Amplifying DNA as fast as the biology permits

LEX is TTP’s ultra-efficient thermal control technology for ultra-fast PCR.


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Increasing market uptake of point-of-care diagnostic testing creates opportunities for next-generation platforms that offer shorter sample-to-answer times.


TTP has developed LEX thermal control technology to deliver a step change in PCR with ultra-efficient, ultra-fast DNA amplification.


LEX enables PCR-based diagnostic systems with sample-to-answer times shorter than a standard doctor’s appointment and, for the first time, the opportunity for true portability.

The story of LEX

TTP has been pushing the limits of PCR instruments for over 20 years, working with clients to develop PCR and molecular diagnostics to meet challenging size, cost and performance requirements.

LEX was developed to be an ultra-compact and efficient thermal cycler, able to amplify DNA as fast as the biology permits. The innovation behind LEX that makes this possible is ultra-efficient sample heating and cooling.

LEX achieves heating and cooling rates of up to 100°C per second, resulting in demonstrated 1-minute PCR for 30 cycles with fast formulation reagents and 2-minute PCR with off-the-shelf reagents.

Lex Graph

High efficiency also results in lower power consumption and LEX can be powered by a single lithium polymer battery, providing the opportunity for truly portable PCR-based assay systems.

Designed for low-cost manufacture by simple polymer reel-to-reel processing (<$1 cost per test), LEX is applicable to other biological and chemical assays including immunoassays and next-generation sequencing and can be combined with TTP’s Puckdx™ platform for automated sample preparation within a low-cost consumable, thus providing a complete solution for ultra-fast point-of-care diagnostics.

LEX can be customised to fit clients’ sample volume, polymer and instrument format requirements.


TTP’s Desktop Biology service supports clients in developing complete systems, combining LEX with TTP’s extensive range of know-how and technologies arising from 30 years of developing products for clients in life science and diagnostics.

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