AI Consultancy

We help you exploit AI in systems bridging the physical and digital world.

Can AI provide more accurate classification of cardiac rhythms in defibrillators? At TTP, we’ve developed a demonstrator low-power AI solution for real-time heart arrhythmia classification, for enhancing closed-loop therapies like pacemakers and neurostimulators. Our consultant Christopher Beach explains that by overcoming key technical challenges, AI has huge potential to develop more precise and efficient implantable systems.

Can AI improve the way we do front-end product development? Our UX Engineer, Matthew Barty, explores the successes and pitfalls of a GenAI tool for concept generation. To learn more about our exploration of harnessing AI in product development, keep an eye out as we will interview experts on the implications of such a tool existing, and what it could mean for product development.

Opensource frameworks used: Stable Diffusion, ComfyUI, Auto Photoshop SD Plugin, Adobe Photoshop

Cutting through the hype

AI is already proving to be transformative, but it is not a panacea. Return on AI investment is derived from understanding your business, your technical problems, and how AI can be pragmatically applied to solve them. Sometimes AI isn’t the answer, and we are frank when that is the case and will recommend alternative solutions.

This practical approach to AI means that you can trust us to help you understand what impact the AI revolution is going to have on your business, and to help define and technically execute the approach that will derive maximum value.

Given our extensive experience in regulated products, we then always view AI-enabled solutions through a commercial, technical advantage, and safety lens and deploy AI only when it is safe and advantageous to do so.

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