Automotive and sensors

Remote sensing in complex environments is a familiar challenge to TTP’s engineering teams. TTP’s breakthrough sensing solutions can be found in environments where the temperatures are too high for batteries, where there is extensive RF interference or even where there is full metal shielding.


Formula 1


Autonomous, Deep Tech

Formula 1 is at the forefront of automotive engineering innovation. Highly competitive, F1 teams look for every edge possible to help create the winning team and by partnering with TTP, we have been able to develop solutions that include: engine monitoring; tyre monitoring; and a network of sensors for monitoring across the vehicle chassis.

The F1 environment is physically very demanding — high G forces, high temperatures and vibration are constant challenges. These same challenges also presented demanding conditions for the sensors developed by TTP, but drawing on decades of experience these were able to not only meet tight space and weight constraints, but survive the toughest F1 conditions.

Real time remote sensing

  • High-temperature environments.
  • High-G environments.
  • High levels of RF interference.
  • Battery-free.
  • Stringent size and weight restrictions.

When one of the world’s leading F1 teams was looking for a solution to real-time, remote sensing from a matrix of actuators across the vehicle, TTP was a natural partner.

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