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Hovione – TwinCaps® inhaler

In response to the 2006 global threat of a flu pandemic, Hovione was asked to develop and manufacture an inhalation device capable of delivering an influenza anti-viral drug.




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The world’s best-selling, disposable inhaler

Hovione came to TTP with a clear brief and a device requirement matched to a single formulation for the Japanese market.

In order to meet tight commercial timelines driven by the Japanese government’s flu pandemic fears, we needed a project plan that went from concept generation to first moulded prototypes in less than two months.

TTP assembled a small, dedicated team to leverage core knowledge of design and manufacturing principles to take on the challenge.

Our response was TwinCaps®: a two-component, single-dose, dry powder inhaler for systemic delivery.

Focusing on one design concept, and by means of early and repeated prototyping coupled with a concurrent engineering approach, TTP was able to meet the incredibly short product launch deadlines.

Launched by Daiichi Sankyo, Japan’s second largest pharmaceutical company, TwinCaps® outsold Relenza and Tamiflu within the first six months and is the world’s best-selling, disposable inhaler.

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