How satellite network operators can reinvent themselves for the IoT

Satellite Network Operators (SNO) are under pressure from terrestrial connectivity service providers and need to update their business model for the Industrial IoT. In this concept paper, TTP sets out the case for a series of incremental shifts in the SNO business model to drive a strong platform play in the Industrial IoT.

TTP sets out the case for Satellite at the edge

As each year passes, terrestrial LPWAN services reach further into remote regions, placing downward pressure on M2M connectivity pricing and challenging Satellite Network Operators (SNO) to respond with a new business model.

We believe that Satellite Network Operators can play a vital role in providing reliable, global connectivity for the Industrial IoT, but supply chain innovations are required to create an ecosystem in which satellite operators reap more of the value created by over the top digital services. The question is how to get there?

In our March 2018 concept paper, Satellite at the Edge, we set out the case for four incremental shifts in the SNO business model to drive a strong platform play in the Industrial IoT:

  • Satellite at the edge is an SNO-owned edge IoT gateway and one-stop-shop digital services platform, bundling together ubiquitous connectivity, secure device management and edge analytics for a multitude of IoT devices, wherever they may be in the world.
  • Satellite at the edge brings all the benefits of a secure satellite link to the Industrial IoT whilst amortising costly VSAT technology across many hundreds of end-devices.
  • Satellite at the edge is a fully scalable platform. Private enterprise customers may deploy a single gateway to serve a few hundred fixed end nodes, or several thousand gateways to serve millions of end nodes distributed over a large or highly fragmented geography.

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