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PerfectDraft beer dispenser

The PerfectDraft beer dispenser was designed and developed by TTP for InBev and is marketed under the Philips brand.



The PerfectDraft has created a new product category since its launch in 2003 with many millions of beer kegs sold. Two models are now on sale in six countries across Europe.

PerfectDraft is a patented system designed to provide the consumer with chilled, draft-quality beer in their own home. InBev, the world’s leading brewer, partnered with TTP to realise this new product as we had the capability to take on every aspect of the product and consumable development. From business planning to engineering and manufacturer selection, we complemented InBev’s own marketing and brewing expertise.

TTP designed and developed the PerfectDraft system from concept through to product launch — and beyond. An in-depth thermal and flow analysis was carried out at the start of the project to optimise cooling power and rate. This was followed by a detailed design of every aspect of the product and the construction of fully functional prototypes.

Volume prototyping and consumer approval trials were completed with TTP and Philips working closely together to transfer the design to production. TTP also designed key stations of the keg filling line and helped optimise the novel filling process at InBev’s plants in Europe.

In parallel with the appliance development, TTP designed PerfectDraft’s low-cost keg system. The keg is constructed from reusable aluminium for a high-quality feel. It has a disposable inner lining and patented valve which allows the user to pour beer on demand yet protects from oxygen ingress.

In addition, a disposable beer line was designed which controls the dispense rate and prevents in-glass foaming, removing any requirement to clean the beer line.

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