Keeping people connected while in the air

Whether we are travelling by car, train or boat, we all take for granted that we are able to call family, friends and colleagues. But for a long time, there was one glaring exception – the inability to make calls while in the air.




5G, Deep Tech

When Aeromobile wanted to address this technology gap, TTP was their partner of choice.

We have exceptional domain expertise in communications ranging from license-free short-range radio devices, commercial GSM, and satellite technologies, through to the highly specialised areas of the emergency services, aviation and the military.

With this outstanding communications know-how, we were able to design a solution that allows a mobile phone to be used safely on board aircraft.

The technology we created suppresses the mobile phone signal, while allowing a narrow window in the noise floor for the phone to connect to the aircraft’s satellite communications. Passengers are then able to make a call as easily as if they were on the ground.

TTP designed the technology from the ground up to first prototypes within six months, allowing Aeromobile to undertake trials and progress the design for aircraft-suitable deployment.

Emirates was the first airline to deploy our FAA-approved in-flight communications technology. TTP’s wireless technology was also adopted by early innovators: Blackberry, Intel, Hitachi, Motorola, and Inmarsat.

TTP designs and innovates in all aspects of wireless from antenna design and RF modules through to software stacks.

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