UK Space Conference


Tuesday 21 November 2023


ICC Belfast


In-person event

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TTP’s Satellite and Space team will be exhibiting at UK Space Conference from 21 – 23rd November on booth B8.

The UK Space Conference is an important event for the UK Space sector, uniting the UK and international space communities across government, industry, and academia. The conference provides a platform for the space sector to exchange ideas, plans, and partnerships that encourage development and success in the emerging space age.

Visit the TTP team on booth B8 to find out more about how we are helping our customers to create innovative solutions for systems based on ground, air and in space. Our team is involved in terrestrial and satellite communications, which include IoT, 5G, satellite payload and electronically steered antennas, focusing on emerging and fast-growing areas, such as 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN), intersatellite links and connectivity & aero safety for commercial UAVs. We also have expertise and technologies applicable to electric propulsion for small satellites, experiments & manufacturing in microgravity and addressing space sustainability.

Find out more about our work in the Satellite and Space Sector.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with the TTP team, please contact us through the ‘book a meeting’ form below or meet us on booth B8.

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