The Institute of Physics recognises an innovative sensor from The Technology Partnership used by Philips Healthcare to help COPD patients

TTP has been awarded a prestigious Innovation Award by the Institute of Physics for its SonicSense technology, which turns inexpensive piezoelectric buzzers used in doorbells or smoke alarms into highly-accurate, stable and low-power gas sensors. The technology is already being used by Philips Healthcare in its market leading oxygen concentrators, which help care for millions of COPD patients worldwide. TTP is also working with other partners to commercialise the technology, under a development and licensing model, across a range of markets from energy and industrial safety to medical devices.

The award was presented to TTP by the President of the Institute of Physics at a parliamentary reception at the Palace of Westminster this week, attended by MPs, peers, policymakers, business leaders and leading physicists. The IOP Innovation Awards are presented to businesses for bringing new physics-based products, processes or services to market that have had a transformative effect, resulting in increased turnover, profitability and jobs.

Philips Healthcare, Director of Advanced Development, Bob Murdoch explains why they chose SonicSense: “The sensor is used to monitor the purity of the oxygen concentrators’ gas output and trigger an alarm if the purity is too low. SonicSense offers several advantages compared to current sensors including a long operating life, enabling concentrators to run for tens’ of thousands of hours. Furthermore, it doesn’t require periodic re-calibration, which would be impractical in patients’ homes and the low power-consumption enables concentrators to operate effectively on battery power.”

President of the IOP Professor Roy Sambles offered his congratulations to the winners and commended them on their fantastic achievements: “This year’s winners all provide excellent examples of the way in which physics can improve and protect lives while also forming an invaluable part of the UK economy.”

Dr Andrew Baker-Campbell from TTP said, “We are delighted to win this award and to lead technological advancements across the globe. Our success is due to the brilliant team at TTP, who are passionate about developing technologies and making things happen and a fantastic partner, Philips Healthcare, who understands the commercial value of innovative technology.”

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