The ‘Mirage’ display technology recently developed by The Technology Partnership plc (TTP) is to feature as an art installation during the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival this month. 

TTP’s Mirage display technology has been turned into a work of Art and will be displayed at the Judge Business School during the 2016 e-Luminate Cambridge Festival. Created by Zero Kb and Visual Poke, the sculptural artwork exploits the unique ability of a Mirage display to appear transparent while able to display a static or video image.  

The sculptural artwork comprises 23 small scale Mirage display panels suspended as rotating pieces of glass forming the multiple facets of the sculpture. Adding to the visual impression, each Mirage display will show specially created images.

Mirage Display Technology
TTP’s Mirage technology enables transparent windows or screens to be simultaneously used as a display, transforming internal and external transparent structures into engaging business and entertainment displays. Applications include shop windows displays, public information displays, exhibitions, architecture, office environments and home displays.

The Mirage technology sandwiches a partially reflective coating formed on a diffusive structure between two identical refractive index materials. The coating is so thin that transmitted light is unchanged and the display looks transparent with no haze in transmission, while reflected light is diffused.  Consequently a conventional projector can be used to display an image inside what appears to be a transparent material.

Mirage can be used with any projector (LED and laser based) without modification, and can be used at high angles of light incidence for compact embodiments. The angular distribution of the reflected light can also be tailored for high brightness requirements, making efficient use of the projector light. Numerous other design variations are possible depending on the application requirements.

The Mirage application can be incorporated into the glass during the manufacturing process, or can be added to installed glass using an external laminate process, opening up numerous possibilities to enhance existing glass installations. 

About the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival
Now in its fourth year the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a modern arts festival for a city at the forefront of technology and research.

Light beautifully bridges across Art and Science, and the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a celebration of the infinite possibilities created by this intersection.

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