The key to unlocking scalable UAV safety lies in a detect and avoid system that achieves optimal performance without adding bulk or cost. By leveraging radar and off-the-shelf cameras through advanced sensor fusion, we’re poised to bridge this gap, ensuring safety standards are met without compromise.

Tapping into a Massive Market Opportunity

Research forecasts a soaring demand for UAVs in the cargo sector, with over 500,000 vehicles expected to be deployed from 2025-2030. This represents a significant market opportunity, potentially exceeding $100 million in annual revenue, particularly in service models.

Our Innovative Approach

Unlike traditional methods that focus solely on radar or camera-based solutions, we’re pioneering a unique sensor fusion strategy. By combining the strengths of both technologies, we’re developing a lightweight system that aims to meet stringent weight, power, and cost targets—crucial for widespread adoption.

Why Partner with Us?

Our team boasts extensive experience in UAV safety, having successfully launched innovative safety solutions in the past. With world-class expertise in radar, vision technologies, fusion algorithms, AI, and all things autonomous; we’re uniquely positioned to bring reliable Detect and Avoid capabilities to the burgeoning drone delivery market.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of UAV Safety

We invite investment partners, go-to-market collaborators, testing partners, and those interested in evaluating end-to-end use case feasibility to join us in revolutionizing UAV safety. Together, let’s pioneer the next generation of drone technology and ensure safe and efficient integration into our skies.

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