The Atlas io™ system enables healthcare professionals to ‘test and treat’ within 30 minutes in their own offices and clinics.

TTP is delighted to announce that it has completed development of the Atlas io™ Reader instrument for Atlas Genetics. The Atlas io™ system is set to revolutionise the diagnosis of infectious diseases by bringing down the time required to take a patient sample and make a diagnosis to less than thirty minutes. This compares with the typical three to ten day turnaround traditionally required to achieve the same diagnosis through a central lab.

The Atlas io™ Reader operates with a test-specific disposable reagent cartridge and fully automates a three-stage process of DNA extraction and purification, DNA amplification, and electrochemical detection of the target infection. The operator simply adds the patient’s sample to the cartridge, inserts it into the Reader, and follows on-screen prompts to make the diagnosis. 

Achieving this level of simplicity for users has involved an intensive period of engineering design and development at TTP, operated and documented in accordance with FDA and ISO13485 requirements. The Reader features ultra-rapid sample thermocycling and an innovative combination of motors and pneumatic actuators to move and combine the sample with the required DNA extraction solutions, washing agents and enzymes in a precisely controlled and timed process.

The Atlas io™ Reader is now entering pilot manufacture and will be launched in 2014. Commenting on the project, TTP’s project leader Piers Harding said “the outstanding results that we are seeing from initial production instruments are testament to the close working relationship that Atlas Genetics and TTP have formed over the past year”

John Clarkson, Atlas Genetics CEO, commented “Our focus is on diseases including sexually transmitted, and hospital acquired infections, where rapid diagnosis is essential for effective treatment and control. The Atlas io™ Reader is an accurate, low cost, diagnostic instrument that has the potential to revolutionise infectious disease diagnosis.”

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