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Every person at TTP has a passion for technology and a desire to solve difficult problems. Together, we invent, design and engineer new technologies and products that have lasting global impact.

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Technology is an essential part of progress. We apply technology intelligently and purposefully to advance business and progress society.


Our technology must create value. That's best done without sales people in the middle; our clients work directly with our scientists and engineers.


We're not content until our ideas make it to market and create impact. Every project is approached with a delivery mindset.


We can better serve our clients by making proactive investments in technology, facilities and people.


Because we are employee-owned, we are free to make the right decisions for the long-term success of our clients and our business.

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A culture of freedom

TTP was founded in 1987 with a culture of freedom. The freedom to explore new technologies. The freedom to share potential new opportunities with our clients. The freedom to invest in our own business.

Three decades on, the world of technology has changed but our ethos has stayed the same: from freedom comes the space to create breakthrough inventions.

October 1987

The Technology Partnership is formed
Timeline 1987

The Technology Partnership is formed and set up home on Melbourn Science Park

April 1997

TAP is formed

The Automation Partnership (TAP) was formed in 1997, a year later saw TAP demerged from the group. In 2013 TAP was taken over by Sartorius Stedim with a valuation of £33m.

April 1998

TTPCom is formed
1998 Comm

Developing and licensing software and micro-chips, enabling phones to recognize and receive signals from wireless networks.

August 2000

TTP Group acquires Melbourn Science Park
2000 Msp

Melbourn Science Park is a 17 acre campus situated 9 miles south of Cambridge, UK

October 2000

TTPCom is floated on the London Stock Exchange

Following the spinout from TTP floatation was the natural progression. In 2006 TTPCom was acquired by Motorola for £103m.

April 2001

TTP Labtech is formed
2001 Labtech

TTP Labtech design and manufacture robust, reliable and easy-to-use solutions for life science.

July 2012

Tonejet becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary
2012 Tonejet

Tonejet is a powerful digital print technology and is leading the way in digital printing

December 2016

TTP Meteor is sold to Global Graphics SE

Formed in 2015 TTP Meteor develops and supplies production-ready electronics and software to drive all major industrial inkjet printheads. Global Graphics SE acquired Meteor in December 2016.

February 2017

TTP Ventus is formed
2017 Ventus

TTP Ventus manufactures a wide range of micropumps which are enabling innovation across sectors from medical to defence

September 2018

TTP Labtech acquired by Battery Ventures and changes name to SPT Labtech
Mos Tape

Global investment firm backs growth plans for SPT Labtech (previously TTP Labtech)

April 2019

Cellular Highways is formed
2019 Cellular

The spin-out has been founded to commercialise TTP’s proprietary Vortex-Actuated Cell Sorting (VACS) technology.

April 2020

LEX Diagnostics is formed
2020 Lex

Bringing molecular diagnostics to the doctors office with an inexpensive, rapid test for viral infections.

April 2021

Awerian is formed

Awerian provides research and development services that extend and enhance the ability of the United Kingdom and its Allies to defend themselves and to protect the future prosperity of their citizens.

September 2022

TTP ventus is acquired

TTP Ventus is acquired by The Lee Company. The renamed Lee Ventus will continue operations in the UK, becoming The Lee Company’s first international production unit.

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