Life at TTP

TTP’s state-of-the-art technical facilities are part of the Cambridge Cluster - Europe's largest technology hub. Based on a spacious campus, our people work at the intersection of science, technology and enterprise and grow their skills in each of these areas.

Life as a consultant

There is no standard day at TTP. From creating technology innovations to collaborating with clients, TTP will support your professional and personal growth as you learn about every part of the business.

Conceiving new ideas

Invention is a key part of what we do. Often, great ideas are team efforts, so we frequently hold brainstorms to share and build on our initial ideas. At other times, thinking a challenge through in detail leads to a pivotal insight that yields a project-transforming solution.

Theoretical work

We believe that we can create better solutions by understanding the underlying principles of a problem. We often use computer simulations to help us optimise designs more quickly, especially early on in a product's development.

in the lab

To make, test and iterate our product designs, we have a wide range of excellent lab facilities on our campus, including a microfabrication cleanroom, RF chamber, a laser process lab, a life science facility and a metrology suite.

Communicating with clients

We regularly update our clients on project progress. Tasks can include distilling complex science into digestible documents and discussing these with the client team.

Exploring new opportunities with clients

Everyone gets involved in the process of selling new work, whether by running some feasibility tests in the lab, putting together a set of slides or meeting potential clients to discuss their needs.


We believe the best and fastest way to learn is to 'do'. In addition to on-the-job mentoring, we also provide bespoke training courses.

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Sharing Knowledge

At TTP, we share knowledge internally through company-wide talks that explore the strategy, science and design behind our products. And we share our knowledge externally through public debates, events and interviews with media outlets, including Sunday Papers Live.

Parties and Special Events

TTP hosts a number of parties and events for its people. They include a family-friendly summer party with unlimited BBQ, ice cream and beer; the annual Christmas party; and special events like our 21st anniversary party in Paris and our 25th and 30th anniversary party weekends in London.

Culture and sport

TTP supports the Cambridge Arts Theatre, the Science Festival, literary festivals and many other theatrical, literary and science events in Cambridge, for which our people get free or discounted tickets. They can also keep fit by using our discounted access to the local gym and pool or joining one of our many employee sport teams.

Giving back

From co-founding The Cambridge Launchpad - a programme to inspire young people to pursue STEM subjects - to sponsoring the Science Festival and matching employee charity donations, we are committed to promoting science and improving lives in Cambridge and beyond.

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