Apply your skills to solve real business needs. Work at the intersection of science, engineering and business. Invent. Create. And make an impact.

TTP is still actively recruiting during this time. Please take a look at our vacancies as we would love to hear from you.

  • “If you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone, we’ll grow your skills in exciting new directions”

    Solid-state or mechanically-driven? Battery-powered or energy-harvested? Electronic and RF Engineers at TTP are direction-setters, working in project teams that are empowered to conceive entirely different approaches to meet a technology need. Together, you will face unfamiliar problems, explore the very best solutions and then follow them through to production.

    From analogue and digital hardware design, through to RF and antenna design: Whether you are a broad generalist who thrives on variety, or a deep specialist eager to apply your skills into a new technical domain, TTP provides an unparalleled opportunity to grow your technical and commercial skills. 

  • Designers at TTP have a vital role in developing and designing next-generation products and technologies. They are curious designers with an insightful and creative approach to product design, who easily engage with colleagues and customers. They enjoy inventing and designing products that impact people’s lives, products that look, feel and function in a way that engage people emotionally and practically. They are not afraid to question conventions in the search for the best possible solution for the end user.

    As part of a multidisciplinary team you will collaborate with designers, scientists, engineers, technologists, clinicians and patients on some of the most fulfilling design work of your career. It will give you the opportunity to learn far beyond your discipline.

    Apart from product design you can get involved in prototyping, testing and resolving detailed technical problems. You will be given the space to invent, the freedom to act, and the trust to deliver. 

  • Every year, we offer summer internships and year-long placements. If you're interested in applying, check back here between mid September and early October time when we will start recruiting for the following year's intern cohort. All our internships begin in the summer.

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  • “In a small team, everyone matters and everyone has to look at the big picture”

    Working in small teams with a high degree of devolved responsibility and autonomy, TTP’s mechanical engineers can look at world-first products on the market and take pride in the knowledge that their own contribution to the development of the product was vital to the successful outcome.

    Our mechanical engineers enjoy responsibilities that enable them to have a large impact, covering a wide range of mechanical engineering – clever little mechanisms, microfluidics, sprays, impact mechanics, biomechanics, passive sensors, electro-mechanical systems, manufacturing, and so on – but also covering project leadership, client collaborations, selling, technology initiatives and business development.

  • “Applying physics to problems that matter”

    TTP’s physicists put theory into practice by creating products that make a difference to people’s lives. Working collaboratively with world-class experts across a range of disciplines, our physicists solve technical and commercial challenges every day.

    From communicating with satellites to developing microfluidic diagnostic chips, physicists get involved in almost every project at TTP. Through a combination of insight, modelling and experimentation, they generate new ideas and test assumptions. Then, by working with engineers, designers and other scientists, they turn these ideas into realities. 

  • “The excitement of working on early start-up projects across multiple applications”

    TTP software developers are unconstrained by organisational hierarchy. From day one, they enjoy an exhilarating sense of scale, assuming hands-on responsibility for entire software systems, products and projects.

    Whether developing an embedded software stack for connected medical devices, a suite of low-latency drivers for new industrial sensing applications, bespoke radio protocols for a wireless communications system, or a cloud-hosted analytics application for the IoT – our software consultants take on complex challenges to create impact for our clients. 

  • “We offer an ideal opportunity for technical specialists seeking variety”

    We periodically seek people with a highly specialist skillset to work as part of our multidisciplinary teams. These roles are technical in nature with a bespoke element to the requirements – either a niche technical discipline or specific industry experience.

    Specialists will hone their craft through working on a series of different client projects. They will also be encouraged to look for new commercial opportunities, lead internal R&D projects with the goal of commercialising IP, and even sow the seed of a new business idea via TTP's model of incubating startups.

Don't see a vacancy that's right for you?

We are always keen to meet talented scientists and engineers. If you’re not sure which of our roles best matches your skills and experience, but are excited by what you have read about us, you can submit a speculative application.

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Are you ready for interview?

Successful applicants will be invited for a technical interview where we will explore your capabilities and approach. This is a thorough examination that will require excellent knowledge of the foundations of your field and strong problem-solving skills.

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Applying to TTP

  • We never close our applications, because we never stop looking for people to join us. Our internships can be competitive though, so the earlier you apply the better.

  • If you’re a foreign national that meets the Home Office criteria.

  • There are two stages to our interview process for graduates, and one stage for interns. For both of those roles, there are usually a number of one-to-one interviews with our consultants. We focus on your technical abilities and consumer awareness and use our interviews to see how you’d fit into TTP.

  • On the outskirts of Cambridge. The interview process is usually around a couple of hours and it’ll include technical problem-solving style questions.

  • Which includes cost of your return travel to the interview. If you need to stay overnight in Melbourn, let us know in advance and we can organise something.

  • It’ll normally take a few weeks to finish the interviews, but this can sometimes take a little longer depending on how busy we are.

  • But before you start, we’ll discuss this together to see if you fit the criteria.

  • As well as 25 days’ holiday (plus bank holidays), 12% pension contribution, free private medical insurance and free life insurance cover of 6 times salary.

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