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Whether a start-up or a blue chip organisation, our clients partner with TTP to transform industries. To do this, our people work at the intersection of science, engineering and business to invent and develop breakthrough products and technologies.

We deliver across the entire life of a project, from opportunity discovery to production engineering


We work with our clients at discovery stage, helping to understand their markets and identify the best opportunities for invention.  


Once we’ve identified an opportunity, we use our deep understanding of science and technology to invent concepts, and our state-of-the-art facilities to prototype them.


We use proven development tools and processes to tackle the most complex design challenges and manage the risks inherent in development. 


We work to ensure that our designs meet the needs of all stakeholders, and that they conform with the requirements, specifications, and any identified regulations. 


Manufacture is considered from the concept stage. We help clients select manufacturers and develop customised production equipment where required.

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With 240 world-class scientists, engineers and designers to choose from, we can tailor the right team to realise your ambitions. We hire the best and then give them the autonomy to solve complex challenges in their own way – all supported by their experienced peers and excellent facilities.

Our business is structured around projects for our clients, not layers of management, so you talk directly to the scientists and engineers working to achieve your vision. Most of these people have a real stake in the business, TTP is privately owned by employees and former employees.

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We are contributing to ground breaking science, improving the health of hundreds of millions of people, and finding new ways to connect the world.

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