What we do

Whether a startup or multinational, our clients are ambitious. We work at the intersection of science, engineering, and business to invent and develop breakthrough products and technologies that deliver competitive advantage.


We deliver across the entire life of a project, from opportunity discovery to production engineering.

Our work process


We work with our clients at discovery stage, helping to understand their markets and identify the best opportunities for invention.  


Once we’ve identified an opportunity, we use our deep understanding of science and technology to invent concepts, and our state-of-the-art facilities to prototype them.


We use proven development tools and processes to tackle the most complex design challenges and manage the risks inherent in development. 


We work to ensure that our designs meet the needs of all stakeholders, and that they conform with the requirements, specifications, and any identified regulations. 


Manufacture is considered from the concept stage. We help clients select manufacturers and develop customised production equipment where required.

Working with us


We work on a 'fees for time' basis, typically breaking your development into manageable phases with clearly defined activities and deliverables.

You will work with a carefully chosen multidisciplinary team, communicating with them directly to encourage collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Invention Delivered

From idea to reality

Where we generate value through invention, we will help you to protect that value via intellectual property rights.

We are experienced in flexibly adopting or complementing your established quality systems, manufacturers or processes.

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