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More than your standard internship

You’ve learnt the theory, but with our summer or year-long internships, you can really put it into practice.

Test things that have never been done before. Work on technologies and products we’re creating. Make your own. See where your knowledge can take you.

Here, projects involve everyone. So you’ll be given responsibility from day one, but you’ll also have the support of world-leading scientists and engineers who will help you along the way. 

Our internships are open to students studying a bachelor’s or master’s qualification in mechanical engineering, physics, software, electronics, life sciences or another closely related subject. 

You’ll work in a team of consultants on live projects

So you’ll get to experience solving complex real-world problems, and become an invaluable part of the team. It doesn’t take long to become the go-to subject matter expert.

Internship applications are open from September

Our internships can be competitive though, and places are filled on a rolling basis, the earlier you apply the better.

Apply here.

Where are the interviews?

Interviews are held at our Science Park in Melbourn on the outskirts of Cambridge. The interview process lasts a couple of hours and will include a number of problem-solving technical questions.



There’s no ‘newbie’ label

Our structure is flat, and with little hierarchy there are no corporate hoops to jump through. There’s no ‘newbie’ label. You’ll start working on technical projects straightaway. And you’ll have experienced colleagues alongside you, to learn from and share your expertise with.

We trust you to make a real difference. You choose if you want to do more business development, technical exploration, or project leadership. Your time is up to you. As graduates, you’ll learn how to take your ideas and opportunities out to clients and explore your own vision outside of client briefs.

So if you have a bachelor’s or master’s in mechanical engineering, physics, software, electronics, life sciences or another closely related subject, apply here.

Getting involved is the best way to learn

Immersion is the best development programme. We combine it with mentoring and a range of tailored training, all depending on what you want to explore. Everything you do here will develop you in your chosen direction. 

We’ll encourage you to pursue your own ideas

We’ll help you, with both our support and resources, to take your ideas to clients, create intellectual property and develop products and services for the world. We always encourage curiosity.

And we never stop recruiting

We never stop looking for people to join us, so we recruit graduates all year here. There are two rounds to the interview, and in them we’ll explore your technical abilities, motivations, drive, and how you’ll fit within the business. 

PhDs/post docs


Come to TTP for the challenge

You’ll work with people from different disciplines and apply your insight to the real world. Challenge where your scientific insight can take you and what commercial technology can really do.

Anything from working on life-changing medical devices to dissecting data; you’ll tackle complex problems inside and out of the lab.

We’re looking for people with a record of experimental research. In some cases, we take on versatile theoreticians who are keen to take on an applied role. One that mixes theory and experiments together.

And if industry experience during your PhD interests you, we also offer internships.

If you’re a student nearing the end of your PhD and don’t see a specific role on our vacancies list which is suited to you, please get in touch via our speculative route. We would be very happy to hear from you.

You’ll continue to be a hands-on scientist or engineer

As a consultant you’ll apply the scientific curiosity and deep thinking that got you here, but to real-world situations that change lives.

You’ll learn from the specialists around you

Because our project teams are made up of scientists and engineers from different disciplines, you’ll never stop learning from those around you (and they’ll keep learning from you). And within our collaborative client-focused projects, with the support of the team around you, you’ll develop the client-facing and commercial skills to sell your ideas. 

And we never stop recruiting

We never stop looking for people to join us, so we’re open for applications all year round. We can defer places to give you time to finish your PhD or post doc too. We also offer PhD internships.

Challenge where your insight can take you – combine scientific and commercial insight, and see it reach millions of people. 

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PhD or postdoc?

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Experienced hires

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The freedom your experience deserves

TTP’s purpose is to innovate. And so is yours.

You will think about new opportunities. You’ll build teams, you’ll discover real-world problems and create ground-breaking solutions such as glasses that can change their focus, impulse radar process monitoring or targeted delivery of cancer drugs.

You can focus on business development, new business ideas, or working directly with our clients to bring your ideas to life. 

We have a flat structure at TTP

Why flat? Because we trust you to make good decisions. 

You’ll lead

At TTP, leadership is about collaboration. Your leadership means it is you who steps forward: you have ideas and you find like-minded people – both colleagues and clients. You get people working together to define the vision and the plan and produce the result. 

You’ll have a genuine impact

You could lead the project that creates a low-cost vaccine delivery system to contain flu epidemics and save lives but that also generates employment, earns TTP revenue and boosts our profit-related pay.  

Or you could be the person who starts the conversation with the client that leads to the project in the first place. 

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Moving from another role?

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