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Student 1

Internships with real-world applications

As a summer or year-long intern, you’ll see what it's like to work at TTP as you contribute to live technology projects.

Open to students who are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s qualification in mechanical engineering, physics, software, electronics, life sciences or a closely related discipline, the TTP internship programme gives you the opportunity to make a real contribution to important projects.

We don’t run rotation programmes. Instead, you will gain invaluable experience by being embedded in a project team that is developing new technologies and solving complex real-world problems.

If you’re a curious and proactive student looking to take on responsibility, develop commercial skills and deepen your technical knowledge, then please apply here.

What will I do?

You’ll get to work on live technology development projects. You will be treated as part of the team and given a high level of responsibility to direct your own work.

When should I apply?

It’s best to submit your application between October and December through our vacancies page. Applications are reviewed as soon we receive them. Be sure to include your practical experience in your CV.

Where are the interviews?

Interviews are held at our Science Park in Melbourn on the outskirts of Cambridge. The interview process lasts around two hours and will include a number of problem-solving technical questions.



For graduates looking for an exciting challenge

As a graduate at TTP, you’ll be trusted with substantial responsibility as you develop innovative products that create tangible, real-world impact for a diverse range of businesses. You’ll also be given the opportunity to pursue your own ideas outside of client briefs.

As well as expanding your technical knowledge base, you will learn what it takes to make products commercially successful. You will be supported through extensive on-the-job learning, supplemented by mentoring and training courses.

If you’re motivated, curious and creative with a bachelor's or master’s qualification in mechanical engineering, physics, software, electronics, life sciences or a closely related discipline, apply for available roles through our vacancies page

How do you develop graduates?

We believe that immersion is the best development programme. We combine mentoring and learning on the job with a wide range of bespoke training opportunities to develop our new recruits into fully rounded inventors and entrepreneurs.

Can I pursue my own ideas?

Yes. We encourage all our people to actively seek and develop innovative technologies, create intellectual property and commercialise platforms and devices, and we provide the support and resources for them to do that.

When should I apply?

If you think TTP is for you, then apply now! We recruit graduates all year through our vacancies page. The interview process is in two rounds that will explore your technical abilities, motivations, drive, and fit with our business.

PhD/post doc


Looking to leave academia after doing a PhD or a postdoc?

As a PhD or postdoc at TTP, you’ll be given the opportunity to apply your practical research skills and scientific insight to the commercial world.

Placed in a stimulating and intellectually challenging working environment, our PhDs and postdocs are tasked with solving problems in their full complexity, from concept through to application.

We are looking for candidates with an accomplished record of experimental research in science or engineering. In exceptional cases, we will take on theoreticians who are versatile and keen and able to take on an applied role that mixes theory and experiments.

Will I continue to use my academic skills?

With a career at TTP, you will continue to be a hands-on scientist or engineer but within a permanent and rewarding job, applying your skills to real-world applications.

How will I grow my knowledge base?

By facing new technical challenges and working closely with colleagues from many other technical disciplines, but also by seeking to understand and influence how businesses work and thrive.

When can I apply?

We accept applications year-round and can make deferred offers to coincide with the end of your PhD or postdoc.

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PhD or postdoc?

Find out what we offer to those looking to move beyond academia

Experienced hires

Postdoc 1

The freedom your experience deserves

As an experienced technologist at TTP, you’ll be given an unmatched freedom to pursue great ideas with real-world impact. You’ll harness your energy and expertise - and the multidisciplinary capabilities of your peers - to build new areas of business for TTP and our clients.

TTP isn’t hierarchical. You won’t have a job title or a department to direct. Instead you will lead in a collaborative way and you will have the opportunity to transform the ideas that you are interested in into commercial business solutions.

Please contact us to discuss your move to TTP in confidence.

Will I be saddled with management tasks?

No. We have a flat structure in which collaboration and teamwork are much more important than reporting lines and seniority.

How will I add value?

With your ability to lead a project, your drive to pursue business development opportunities and your unique industry expertise.

Why should I apply?

To make an impact in a business with a 30-year track record at the leading edge of technical innovation.

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Moving from another role?

Discover how our combination of people, freedom, and insight can help you have an impact

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