We exist to innovate. We create, test and develop new technologies and products, that change industries for the better. We challenge and are challenged. Every day. We’re the scientists, engineers and designers re-inventing the way millions of people live and work. 

Why Ttp Oct19

Why join TTP?

Find out what drives us

4 reasons why

Group Oct19

The people

200+ scientists, engineers and designers, one common trait: a desire to change how the world works. Bring your expertise, collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines, and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Atdesk Oct19

The variety of work

Whether you’re in the lab, out in the field, or pitching your vision to clients – each day is different. You could be working on battery-free medical implants, the next generation of touch-free interfaces, or researching the commercial impact of a new technology for a new market.

Impact Oct19

Having an impact on the world

Satellite technology that aids communication, wireless controls for smart street lights, low-cost flu vaccine inhalers, even innovative beer dispensers. The work we do has an impact on the world around us. It happens when you gather naturally curious people, from different disciplines, and aim for the same goal.

Freedom Oct19

Having the freedom to make something happen

We began in 1987 with a letter that set out a culture of freedom. And we still have that culture today. You don’t just own your work and your time, you choose how to craft your career. At TTP, you follow the direction you’re passionate about. We are employee-owned. This means we all have a say in our future and we have the freedom to do the right thing by our clients, employees and business.

Your space to invent

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