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100% improvement of print speed and quality

A high-powered LED array that doubles the quality and speed of standard electrophotographical printing.

TTP saw the potential of a breakthrough in LED technology to increase the resolution and speed of electrophotographic printing — a very attractive proposition when coupled with the ability to retrofit to the existing base of industrial printers.

Industrial electrophotographic printing produces the bills, credit card statements and most of the mass-produced ‘personalised’ mail that we receive. This digital printing technology is popular because of the combination of very high throughput and print quality — with an advance in LED technology, TTP realised that it could substantially improve on this print performance.

Applying a novel vertical cavity LED technology, we developed a very high-density, high-brightness LED array printhead, which was 600mm long, with a density of 600 LEDs per inch, to give a print resolution of 600 DPI.

The increase in LED brightness and pitch doubled the printing speed and resolution of the original industrial electrophotographic printer.

With such a large, high-resolution LED array, TTP’s team engineered a design that overcame substantial thermal management challenges and very tight alignment and assembly tolerances.

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