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Material conversion in the textile industry is heavily reliant on real-time quality control and process statistics.


TTP developed the Uster Technologies Quantum range of yarn clearer sensors that help mill owners to maintain the quality of spun cotton fibre.


Quantum became and remains the market-leading sensor of its type.

Quantum yarn clearer

Yarn clearers inspect fast-running fibre every few millimetres to provide crucial statistics for mill owners to ensure that spun fibres meet customer requirements.

The sensors are installed at each spinning position and detect small variations in fibre thickness and the presence of foreign material.

Uster Technologies provides instrumentation and sensor solutions for the textile industry and approached TTP to help develop a new range of yarn clearer products.

By applying top-down architectural analysis, TTP was able to significantly reduce the number of product variants, reducing complexity, simplifying product support and reducing spares inventory costs.

In a development running over one year, TTP undertook the complete redesign of a new clearer platform, taking responsibility for all aspects of electronic hardware, mixed signal ASIC design, signal processing, software and mechanical design.


Quantum became and remains the market-leading clearer sensor.

The new product range further took advantage of advances in optical sensor design, ultra-sensitive capacitance measurement and miniaturisation of the electronic hardware.

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